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The Best 5 Thing About Grandparents for Kids

The Best 5 Thing About Grandparents for Kids

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

As a kid, my grandparents were everything to me. I have the best memories of the times with them. Staying at my Nan’s during the summer holidays – the beach, lovely food and being treated by my step-Grandad and taken for walks. My Grandad was my hero; he would do anything for me and play anything with me. I was never in any doubt of how much he loved me, the same with my Grandma. I’ll never forget our chats as I got older and her amazing scones! My Grandpa was an great swimmer and he and my step-nan taught me how to dive. I remember playing games with him and lots of snuggles on the sofa, whilst he ate my Mum’s cakes.

grandparent kissing her grand daughter

Nanna in a hat

I read that back and thing I was so lucky. I think being a grandparent must be good for the soul, keeps you young and active. You may still need to get a stairlift as you get older but perhaps so not early on!!

I hope my girls and little man have the same relationship with their Grandparents , especially as they get older as there are some perks for them!!!

– You can hand grandkids back so it means grandparents have so much more patience and time. My Mum recently told me she had all three of my kids all over her and loved it! Me? Touch rage and get away from me so I can feed the baby!! A bit different there!

– The kids get a lot of treats. This always mystifies me, as I was rationed as a kid but the gremlin can’t get enough blooming chocolate and dodgy cereal.

– Grandparents are someone else to talk to. I used to have very long chats with my Grandad about all sorts and he used to give me so much advice and tell me funny stories. I hope my brood have that too, as it is lovely to get an older perspective.

– Grandparents give the whole of themselves I believe. I am often so busy, so much to do and sort, as I often don’t always feel 100% present. I do try, especially when my girls are telling me something important or we are having time together. Grandparents don’t have that worry, as they are often visiting their grandchildren only. That is their only agenda and this is brilliant for little ones. Complete attention!

– Grandparents can teach their grandchildren so much. I’m not much of a cook but the girls quite often do baking with my Mum. Their faves are scones and gingerbread men.

The bond between Grandparents and Grand children can be special and I really hope my little man and girls have the same amazing times as I did as a child.

the 5 best things about grandparents for kids