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We Went Down to Only having a Newborn for Two Days and This is What We Learnt!

We Went Down to Only having a Newborn for Two Days and This is What We Learnt!

Being a parent to three kids, one of which being a newborn is tough! I’m not going to lie and say it’s been a picnic. We have had illness, tantrums, jealously and a very clingy newborn at times. It’s all part an parcel I know and I know things get easier. 

When my Mum and step dad offered to have the girls for two nights over the Easter weekend, so hubby and I could sort the garage, we jumped at it. Turned out it was perfect timing as I was recovering from a tummy bug and the rest was needed on the first day!

What I didn’t realise was what I would realise dropping down from three children to just a newborn. Hubby and I always say every time you have another child the bar is raised. Two seems soooo easy when you have been looking after three for a while. One? Wellllll! And a newborn??

This is what I mean: 

– My house stayed tidy. I mean really tidy. Newborns don’t get all the toys out. Newborns don’t change their clothes ten times a day. Newborns don’t leave cups, bowls and crumbs everywhere.

– Hubby and I talked. I mean really talked. No one interrupted us ever! The baby may have squeaked a bit for some milk or cried when getting tired but nothing the boob or baby carrier couldn’t solve!! I mean wow!

– We could lie in! Ok the baby did wake twice in the night as usual and one night for a while but we could sleep till 8am and catch up! There was no toddler and 5 year old coming in at 6am, demanding breakfast.

– We could watch telly over dinner! Yes a bad habit, as we always sit at the table now but a newborn doesn’t care. We enjoyed some Netflix with our food. 

– It was so quiet. No fighting, screams of Muuuuummmy every 30 seconds and my hubby wasn’t permanently getting fed up with my eldest so yelling at her. That part was weird.

– I could have a solo bath whilst hubby bathed the baby. We could chat and it was so calm. Why didn’t I do that more when the grem was little?

It’s hilarious as we found it so hard with the gremlin as of course your life is turned upside down with a new baby. Everything has changed. But as I said the bar is raised every time. Going from three to just a newborn is just so easy. You’re pros. It’s a doddle!

Don’t get me wrong I missed those girls. When the gremlin hugged me so tightly on Easter Sunday as sadly, she had been ill, it was lovely. We took little Piglet for a walk and her little chatter was so cute.

Life has gone back to normal with the three of them since Easter and the craziness has resumed but I’ll never underestimate how easy one child is again!



  1. April 24, 2019 / 11:09 pm

    Glad you guys had a bit of a rest! Who knew newborns could seem so easy

    • RunJumpScrap
      April 26, 2019 / 1:30 pm

      hehe I know and thanks x