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The Little Guy – 3 Months Update

little baby boy

I was feeling a little guilty browsing the blog and I found Piglet’s monthly updates and I haven’t done any for the little guy! Oops. It is hard to believe he has hit 3 months old.

How is He Getting on at 3 Months Old?

Overall the little dude is doing really well. There isn’t anything I’d be drastically concerned about apart from his belly button which hasn’t healed yet. He is thought to have a granuloma which in time will heal but now is still very red and weepy. It’s been treated three times with silver nitrate but I’ve been reassured it will heal in time.

3 month old baby


The little dude us still being breastfed but we have tried a bottle of formula with him on occasion. This is usually if I am at the gym and he is getting hungry or I fancy a glass of wine but don’t want to feed. Breastfeeding overall is going well though. He doesn’t feed for ages at a time, usually not all the time unless a growth spurt or under the weather. He can be a bit sicky like his sisters but usually if he has pigged out or has a cold.

I’m really pleased he will take the odd bottle though we do think the formula is not as kind on his stomach, as he can be a bit windy after. I haven’t expressed much this time as we found we wasted it so much previously.


Sleep is no way as good as my girls who were sleeping in 6 hour stretches at this point BUT the little guy does have a routine and it is manageable. He is down in his crib around 8pm, sometimes self-soothes and sometimes needs a little help from the boob or a little white noise (this is amazing!!). We then dream feed him around 10pm and he’s back in the crib. Like clockwork he is up around 1.30-2am and 4.30-5am. I can never be bothered to put him him back in the crib after and he zzzz with me for a little bit until he’s up, around 6.30-7.30am. I wish he would sleep longer but I’m sure it will come; he’s just a little grazer!

Naps in the day don’t have much of a routine. He needs his sleep and tends to be awake 1-2hours and nods off again. I always found with the girls, I never got into a daytime routine until they were weaned.


The little man is definitely getting more curious and looking around more with better head control. I haven’t done much tummy time with him yet but will start a little more. We are going to Baby Yoga classes and another one with a bit of sensory and singing and he really enjoys! I expected classes full of screaming but as long as he is fed and not too tired, he is doing well.

Life as a Family of Five

Chaos! There is no two ways about it. The weekdays are fine as we have a routine, the gremlin is at school and does activities and Piglet is at nursery 3 days a week. When she is with me, we see friends and go to a local playgroup, which she loves. On the other days, when I am with just the little guy, we have classes, see friends, go into town and just chill at home. I try to use this time for any blog work and photographs if I can get him down.

family of five

Weekends tend to be crazier if we are all in. I’m trying to get to the gym, the gremlin has swimming on a Saturday morning and we often try and get out or see family and friends on a Sunday. The house is usually a bomb site, the girls are fighting and hubby ends up baby wearing the little dude. Its just how it is with a baby and a toddler and I know it will get a little easier in time.

We all had a horrible tummy bug over Easter which was the most challenging part so far. Luckily hubby and I were not ill at the same time and the little guy was sick once but it was hard solo parenting for hubby and I. Luckily my recovery fell on when my Mum and Step-Dad took the girls for a couple of nights, so really helped.

brother and sister

How am I Doing?

I feel good! I was worried as around now I felt quite anxious after Piglet around 3 months but so far ok. I’m keeping an eye on how I’m feeling but no signs of feeling low at the moment. I’m back to exercising and around 2.5kg over my pre-little guy weight (that would be a sickness bug!). I’m enjoying it and loving being back in some of my clothes and buying new stuff. Some days I feel like I am going mad and wonder if I can cope but with my hubby and supportive family, I know I can!! Now all I need is to get my hair done!!

girl 3 months post party

So far not too bad and I’ll be back for another update soon! 3 months has flown.