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10 Things I’d Forgotten That Happen to My Body in the Fourth Trimester

10 Things I’d Forgotten That Happen to My Body in the Fourth Trimester

I’ve had three babies now and although the first three months after each can be a bit of a blur, every time the fourth trimester hits I remember.

Everyone talks about the fourth trimester; those first three months after your baby is born. I can quite often remember things that my teeny little newborn goes through, even though I do forget a lot! However, I usually forget what happens to my body. The changes; some good and some bad. For me, it’s not the things that happen immediately afterwards in those first few weeks but as the months pass. 

The Fourth Trimester

This is what I mean –

– The gap between my abs. I know I always had it last time but I have no idea how long it took to go back or if it even will this time!! Three babies can push your body through it. All I know is it’s weird and I can put my fingers between them.

– My body kind of flops. Even though I trained during pregnancy, my bum kind of sags and I have to start from scratch. I do think this is actually a “thing”. I’m working on it!

– The hair loss. I know this happens but I always forget how much!! I have literally handfuls of the it. It’s in the shower and all over the floor. The vacuum needs to hair cutting out of it. I’m always surprised I actually have hair still on my head after all the shedding.

– My crazy skin. I have psoriasis and it always flares up after each baby. I’m going crazy itching my head and I get little patches that keep appearing on my skin. It settles after time but is always a pain, as for the whole pregnancy it settles down and almost disappears.

–  My mental health. After Piglet I was a bit anxious around the three month mark. I’m assuming this was linked to hormonal changes, maybe relaxing a little or still the pressures of a new baby. I’ve been ok this time so far but had the odd night of insomnia and felt jittery. I just find being honest, talking things through and having some me time helps.

– Baby Brain. I’m sure this gets worse around the time my hair starts the fall out, as I have felt more scatty recently again and having to wrack my brain to remember a name or something I have just said. It’s weird and frustrating!!

– The tiredness! I forget that I am being woken multiple times a night by a hungry baby and I am going to have tired days. They hit and they are rough. I always seems to have the worst nights before I’m looking after the toddler too. Sods Law eh?

fourth trimester

– My joints are weaker. After my second baby I tore my knee cartilage again(!) and this time my knee pain has flared up. I always forget the relaxin is still present in your joints and this can take a good few months to return to normal. I do have to take it easy with the exercise.

– My hormones are a little crazy! I’ve had spotty days, grumpy days, sad days, forgetful days. My body is still adjusting massively and I have to give myself a little time to get on an even keel.

– My skin and nails are awful! Dry skin and very brittle nails. I find it so unfair as they are lovely when I’m pregnant.

I still find during the fourth trimester my body doesn’t feel like mine again and this is especially with breastfeeding. Someone is always attached to me, wanting me and I guess it’s like having a little extension of you. My body is still adjusting, healing and recovering.

It passes and I know I’ll miss it when it does strangely.

What about you? Can you add anything about the fourth trimester?

10 things I'd forgotten happy to my body in the fourth trimester