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5 Reasons To Cycle

5 Reasons To Cycle

When I was at University in my younger years I loved to cycle. I went to York University and York is brilliant for its cycle paths and safety measures. In my second and third years I lived off site and needed a quick way to get to my lectures and lab work.

Cycling was perfect and it didn’t take too long. Saved me using public transport or a very long walk. My only issue with cycling was the mammoth hill I used to have to climb to get to the University. My bike was quite heavy and it was such hard work. I remember having rows with my then-boyfriend, as he used to go so much faster than me. I probably should have invested in a good bicycle really or even a tricycle, which are now available from Jorvik Tricycles. These allow you to cycle, whilst perhaps needing a little assistance or if you struggle with a bicycle.


Why Cycle?

As a fitness lover cycling has so many benefits for cardiovascular fitness, muscle toning and for weight maintenance but for me it wasn’t just that aspect that I loved and this is what I mean:

– Cycling gets you outdoors. I never enjoy the gym bike as much; it can be pretty boring but cycling outside is brilliant. You see amazing scenery and have the wind the your hair. I also love the fresh air.

– Cycling is sociable. When I am older I would love to get into cycling a little more and perhaps join a group. It can be a great way to make friends, travel and possibly enter some events.

– It can save you money. If at university I had decided I needed to get the bus everyday, I would have been looking at a daily rate or a monthly pass. As a student, I had very little money to live on and using my bicycle saved me that.

– Cycling is much better for the environment. No cars or buses and much less pollution. This is a definite plus!

– Cycling can be great for your mental health. As it’s a form of exercise there is that brilliant release of endorphins, plus fresh air! Perfect if you need a boost and to cheer up a little.

So why not give cycling a go? Just make sure you’ve got your helmet!

Disclosure -this is a collaborative post.