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SNATCH – Win Prizes and Get Active

snatch playing

#AD – I love getting out and about and keeping fit so I often wonder will my kids will follow suit and be like me. I do worry a bit if they will get hooked on games and spend a lot of time in front of a screen, as they get older. It wasn’t my scene as a kid but my brother loved and still loves his gaming now. I used to tease him rotten about it it and be mean to him and call him lazy. Oops! When I was introduced to the game Snatch – one which gets you to explore the world around you and gives you the chance to win prizes, I was keen to know a bit more. It sounded like a perfect combination to me!

More About Snatch

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Snatch is an App you can download for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. Snatch has partnered with some brilliant brands to make some fab prizes which are scattered all over their real world map. You then have to find and Snatch these parcels whilst getting out and about. You don’t know what is in each parcel until you have Snatched it BUT these prizes can be stolen by other users (they don’t know your exact location though, don’t worry!). There is a countdown that ticks down until you can open it and you have to defend your parcels.

snatch map

People have already won clothing, high street vouchers, all-expenses holidays, even a deposit for a house! Amazing.


You can see who your local competitors are and get ready to defend if you get a notification that someone is going to snatch one of your prizes.

As you play you win more coins and gems. You can also buy gems, as an in-app purchase to buy more coins, which in turn can be used to buy more coins to protect the parcels you Snatch.

These options include a guard dog for when you are sleeping or a hideout or even a smoke bomb! Some very fun ideas.


My eldest and I headed out for Snatch and managed to get three prizes BUT two were snatched from us, so we need to work on our defences! She was hilarious, as think she expected to see floating yellow boxes on the street but when we got close, we could look through the phone to see one coming towards us to Snatch! She enjoyed that and it was a good way to get her out for a walk.

Help Me!

I’m on a mission to get more people to download and start playing Snatch and you too can be put in a draw to win £1000, amongst other prizes, if you refer your friends to play.

There is a leaderboard and the one with the more referrals win prizes. If you are keen to get playing click here.

I know I will be out and about Snatching when I take my little guy for walks and it will be great to play when going to different places. We are heading down south soon and I will be getting competitive!

Have a go yourself and get active and win prizes!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.