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What I Loved About my First Car

first car

AD – I can still remember that feeling, driving my first car home from the garage.

Alone. No husband and no driving instructor. I chose what music I wanted. I chose how loud it was. It was a summer evenings and I had the windows down. I had around a 40 minute drive as we picked it up from second hand car garage Stratford-upon-Avon and yes I was a little scared but I was so excited.

My first car was a Nissan Micra. It was red and I called it Vera. I don’t know why I had it in my head that I wanted a Nissan Micra when I passed my test but that was what I looked for. Nissans were a family car of choice, as my Dad and Grandad both used to drive them and they had drummed it into my head that Japanese cars were good. I wasn’t sure what I would do if I broke down you you can read more here for some tips!

I’d considered how I would finance the car and weighed up a hire purchase versus my savings. In the end I chose my savings and a little help from family, which was kind.

I loved that little red car though and this is why:

– It was so nippy! It used to whizz off in first gear, so was great for those quick pull outs and I didn’t have to wonder about making it, like I do in the bigger cars I drive now.

– I could park it easily. I’m not going to lie. I don’t do parallel parking and I hate manoeuvring the huge SEAT Alhambra we have now. Give me a small car for parking anyway!

– It took me on some fun trips. I visited friends, drove home for my hen do, drove to pick up my wedding dress and took me to and from work for a long time.

– It coped with some bumps. I remember on my first day of my current job, reversing and whacking it on a bollard and I bashed the underneath of it on the curb. It was a tough car, as my brother inherited it off me for a while.

– It was red! I know it sounds daft but it was a bright and cheerful car. I’ve had grey and black since and its not the same.

– I gained a lot of driving experience in that car; gained confidence and was ready for a bigger car when I had another, shortly before the gremlin was born.

I’ll always look back with nostalgia, at that little red Micra. It served both me and my brother well and I know my Dad will always be pleased I chose a Nissan.

Can you remember your first car?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.