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Parenthood vs student life. Can there ever be a good balance

Parenthood vs student life. Can there ever be a good balance

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post

Deciding to go back to studying as an adult is a huge commitment. But congratulations if you’ve decided to take the plunge! Whether you’re studying for a degree through distance learning or you’re heading to back to college to learn a new skill or trade in order to build you own business, I’m sure you’re thoroughly excited and probably a little anxious about what lies ahead.

If you haven’t studied since you left school then diving headfirst into an academic setting might be a little overwhelming, especially when you have to study at home and balance your home and student life. But did you know that it is possible to find harmony between the two? It’s true! Read on for 5 tips for balancing your home and student life. 

Set yourself up for success

If you’re doing something academic then you’re going to need your study materials and probably a decent laptop. The key here is to surround yourself with solutions that will make your studying easier. If your spelling and grammar is a little rusty then get in touch with a proofreading site that can check it all for you. They could even check your work for plagiarism and help you get to grips with apa citation too. If you’re doing something more skills based, then do as much research as possible before you begin and get yourself the best equipment available.  

Create a good study environment 

It might be tempting to study while the kids play in the living room, but it’s not realistic and you simply won’t get anything done. In order to be productive and to actually enjoy your studies, you need to create a good study environment in which you’ll be able to flourish. Find a nice quiet part of your home and dedicate it to your laptop, your study materials and your notes. 

Ask for help

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who want to see you succeed and as such, want to help you. The kids running riot? Ask their grandparents or a friend if they’ll entertain them for the afternoon while you complete an essay. Worried or confused about something on your course? Contact your tutor as soon as possible for advice.

Always be positive

There might be a few days where everything seems relentless and you have serious doubts that you’ll ever complete anything. But these feelings will pass. Always remain positive and enjoy your studies! 

Set up a schedule

The life of a student can be a busy one, but the life of a parent is just as (or even more so) hectic! Combine the two and you’re likely to feel utterly overwhelmed. Stay on track and on top of everything you need to have done week by week by creating a study/life schedule. Include everything from pages that need to be read and essays that need to be written, to Drs appointments for the kids and everything else inbetween. Referring to your schedule and sticking to it ensures that nothing of importance will be missed. 

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post