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What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Meet Fellow Mums

What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Meet Fellow Mums

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Not too long ago, we spoke about the importance of a support network during pregnancy. Carrying a child is, of course, one of the most amazing female experiences, but it isn’t without its fair share of emotion. Being able to turn to and lean on others is, therefore, fundamental for keeping your mind and body healthy. 

Of course, you should be able to rely on your partner’s and family’s full support during this period, but sometimes, you just need to speak with someone who’s going through the same thing. 

That’s why it’s crucial you also take the time to build a support network of fellow expectant mums. They’ll be 100% onboard when you tell them your fears, irritations, and more. Plus, they’ll be alongside you every step of your pregnancy and early childhood journey! In many instances, women who are expecting together even go on to become life-long friends.

But, how exactly do you meet other mums to be? Okay, you have antenatal classes, but, honestly, chances to chat in groups like these tend to be limited. Instead, consider the following three top ways to invite other pregnant mums into your life sooner rather than later.

Join forums

Forums form the modern path to friendship, and they’re a sure way to meet other expectant mums in your area. This method also has the benefit of enabling you to speak with countless expectant mums and form quality bonds based on similarities rather than convenience. Even better, there are now plenty of forums to choose from. That makes this a guaranteed way to the relationships and support network that you’ve been struggling with until now.

Book group-focused prenatal classes

Remember that your antenatal class isn’t the only group option for expectant mums. Other, more group-orientated activities could prove more useful from a friendship standpoint. Why not invest in some yoga clothes and join other mums on their mats? Or, sign up for expectant mum socialisation groups (trust us, they’re a thing). You could even hit the water with a prenatal swimming group or something similar, any of which is guaranteed to get conversations started where you’ve struggled until now.

Get a friend to arrange a blind mum date

Even if you don’t know any pregnant women right now, you can bet at least one of your friends does. As such, making this connection could be as simple as asking them to hook you up. Yes, it is a blind mum date, and yes, it does have the power to work out. Remember that most pregnant women are looking for the same connections that you are, so they’ll probably be more than happy to connect. Plus, if your existing friend likes you both, then there’s a pretty strong chance the two of you will get along!

Meeting fellow mums can be daunting, but it’s something that you’re sure to benefit from during your pregnancy. Just take the plunge, and your sure to land in a deeper support network than you could ever imagine. 

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.