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Holiday Items I Pack but NEVER Use

Holiday Items I Pack but NEVER Use

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Packing for holidays are always crazy and they have certainly got crazier since I now have three children. As the mother in the family, it is definitely up to me to pack for the kids, as well as myself and this usually involves toiletries, snacks and hand luggage! My hubby is good in the respect that he sorts out insurance, currency and looks after the passports and any tickets. I’m appalling at that and would be guaranteed to lose anything and have a complete panic in the airport. So we do work well together in that respect!

Packing though; it doesn’t matter if I’m going on an all inclusive holiday or a luxury cruise or even a weekend break, there are always items that I take that I NEVER need and every year I still seem to take anyway. Why? I think the panic and over-packer in me just takes over!


Useless holiday non-essentials. So if you are packing for a holiday, you may want to consider not packing these:

A coat – I know there is that worry that it may be suddenly Baltic when you are in Greece but I always pack a coat or jacket and don’t ever end up wearing it! Sometimes not even when we come home either! It just takes up a lot of space and is a waste.

Those “essential” shoes – I always scan my summer wardrobe and am convinced I need every pair of sandals in the wardrobe and every single time, I don’t wear that extra pair I put in the suitcase.

Similarly to a coat – a pair of jeans. Again, I have that worry I may freeze and even when I land, I usually cope in my summer bits until we get home. They always just sit in my suitcase until we come home. 

Hair Accessories – every year I always think I will do something fab with my hair in the evenings and I NEVER do! It’s always mad with the kids and I use one bobble for the whole trip.

Toys for the Kids – They always have a few toys they can’t live without, well they say they can’t and they don’t touch them. They just sit in the bag and get taken home!

I’ll admit it! I’m an over-packer and I think sometimes I pack preparing for a frost. Every year I try to stop myself but I know I’ll put that extra pair of shoes in again when we go to Rhodes next year.

What about you? What do you take that you never use?

Disclosure – this is collaborative post.