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Less Screen Time – My Tips for Cutting Down #ScreentimeStats

less screen time

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Screen time. I stare at my weekly averages from my phone and am slightly embarrassed. How have I spent 5 to 6 hours of my day on my phone? How? But it’s easy and as a blogger, it’s even easier. Sitting chatting to my blogging buddies over WhatsApp, posting an Instagram image and a good scroll, watching stories, scrolling Facebook and checking emails. I don’t even have time for Twitter and half the time my other socials get neglected, as a blogger so I dread to think how much time it would be, if I had more time!! I know I need to have less screen time each day. I am painfully aware of it.

I do think some of my screen time though has helped me. Having friends I can chat to when I’m alone with the baby has been a lifesaver. All Mums need people to vent to, to help pass the time a little and for company. But, not all day long. It’s not just the amount of time wasted and spent. It’s the affect on your eyes staring at a screen for hours a day. You may need some relief from Vizulize, where you can also find some tips on keeping track of your screen time.

Less Screen Time – How?

I am very aware of screen time and the fact I am on my phone a lot during the day and do try to think of ways to cut down. Phones are addictive. The apps are addictive and I’m so conscious of the kids coming to talk to me and I have my head in my phone. Occasionally my eldest will ask me to come off it but this usually when we are watching TV and she wants me to concentrate!!

But it is possible to cut down and these are my tips:

– Leave your phone upstairs when you are downstairs. I find this really effective in the mornings. I catch up quickly with anything from overnight and leave it on the beside. This means I can go downstairs and have breakfast with the kids, with no distractions.

– Have a no phone at the table policy. I have to tell my husband off for this but I do try to leave my phone in the lounge or upstairs when we eat. This is to avoid scrolling and it’s showing the children we are spending time with them and listening, as we eat.

– Be clear to your kids when you need to do something on your phone and have a set time to do so. If I have blog work; emails or something to do for Instagram, I usually tell my kids and often disappear upstairs, as I want them to see it’s work. Then I can put it down when done.

– If you can avoid it, don’t take your phone to the gym, or when training. I always have a MUCH better session without it, as I don’t scroll and read between sets.

– No phones on date nights or nights out. I really do stick to this rule, as hubby and I get out so infrequently. When we do have a meal out or drinks, it’s no phones so we can talk and catch up.

– If you really feel the pull, give your phone to someone else. I do this with my hubby and he won’t let me have it back. It’s scary, as you do want it and you can see how addicted you are to it!

– Consider a phone detox. Delete apps for a set period and steer clear from social media and your phone. See how you feel. Can you cope? It may make it easier to cut down and continue having detox days. This is something I have yet to do, I must add!!

It does scare me how much I rely on my phone. When I am watching TV and casual pick it up, I often chuck it to the other side of the room. I don’t need to be on it! I’m watching TV and shouldn’t be distracted.

Cutting down is definitely one of my priorities. What about you?

Do you need to cut down?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

less screen time