How To Keep My Kids Safe After The Pandemic

How To Keep My Kids Safe After The Pandemic

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

The pandemic has certainly thrown our lives into chaos. Whether that’s our business, our personal lives or financial situations, it has created a world of madness that a lot of us may feel difficult to deal with. For kids, it’s even harder. They are less equipped mentally to deal with this and it really isn’t easy to adjust. Appreciating your surroundings is going to help greatly and getting outdoors is even better! They may have turned to online friends more, or perhaps your younger kids have felt more of a fear of going outside. Our mental health can be visibly affected. However, keeping a positive energy around you will help and encouraging them to stay safe is going to be vital. From a young age, it’s important to instil safety into the kids.

With Strangers 

As soon as your child is able to understand, you must teach them their full name, address and two family phone numbers. You must be sure that your child never goes off with anyone, not even someone they know, unless you know about it and have said it is OK. Set boundaries by being clear about what you do and don’t want them to do when they are outdoors and never allow them to talk to strangers. They should not give out their personal information to anyone other than someone official or someone that they trust. Even today, kids can still be stopped by strangers, at the park or on their way home from school. 


There are many online threats. Online they have access to social media and chat forums which could be damaging to their mental health. It is important that they are aware of this and also that they know who they should and shouldn’t be communicating with, online or on their phones. You can look at tracking your kids activity and location with apps, and if you need some great ideas for getting started, then look into spying apps. 

At School 

At school, your kids are away from you for a lot of time. You most likely have no idea what’s going on during their lunch hour or after school or even in lessons. You can’t track who they are hanging out with and you probably don’t know who they have been engaging with. School can be a difficult time for many kids and it can lead them to turning to online chat forums. If they feel as if they do not fit in at school then they will surely want to try and find a place where they do fit in. encourage talking about their issues as well as getting on top of their schoolwork and always going to parent teacher meetings. 

You can keep your kids safe after the pandemic in a way that is not just helping them to practice hygiene. Although this too is important, including using masks and being aware of social distancing, on top of this, you need to make sure that the rest of their world is OK.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.



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