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Appreciate Your Surroundings During Lockdown | AD

surviving lockdown with the kids

Lockdown has been one of the most surreal times of my life. It probably has been for the majority of us all. The complete loss of freedom. Not being able to see family and friends. No childcare and no school for the kids. I feel lucky in a way to have gone back to work and to have some form of normality and earnings! I’ve writing before about how it is so important to keep positive during lockdown and although I have had some absolutely rubbish days with this kids, I’ve actually felt quite proud of myself for coping with them and looking after myself too. I do feel like it is important to try and live through lockdown and not always feel it is about survival.

You have to look for some form of silver lining during time like this or it is very easy to sink into depression. I have really tried to take that attitude. It’s almost like waking up in the morning, throwing open your sash windows, letting the sunshine come in (we’ve been so lucky with the weather) and getting ready for the day! Of course in my mind, this is how I want to be but some mornings I’d rather lie in bed and scroll my phone for 20 minutes before I get up!!

Trying to take a positive outlook lockdown has made me really try and appreciate my surroundings, my house and where I live.

I know I am very lucky to even have a garden and a good sized garden too. When we knew lockdown was coming my husband caved and agreed to get the kids a trampoline. It has been brilliant. I’ve loved it too and it’s a great way to have a giggle, keep fit and keep the kids happy for a while.

We recently converted some of our garage to an office and this has meant my husband has been able to continue working from home without getting too disturbed from the kids, as with all three of them at home, you can imagine it can get really noisy!!

I’ve read some horror stories from others about the lack of social distancing when going out for daily exercise but we have had no issues with this when going out and the kids andI go out daily during the week. This has been a lifesaver for our mental health and sanity. I am very glad the people I live near are respectful and kind.

We have a small woods not far from where we live and this has been amazing to visit some days. There are a couple of small fields close and the kids have been able to run around. We have watched the leaves rot away, the blossom come and go and the bluebells appear, looking stunning! Some of the nature we live near is just amazing and I am very thankful we have it.

I know lockdown is certainly not a bed of roses and life with three kids can be frustrating, tiring and some days I feel like a grump way too much! However, I have definitely found some positives in the dark days and this has kept me sane, almost happy and I’ve coped.

What have you appreciated during this lockdown?

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.