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Ways to Cheer Yourself Up This January

cheer yourself up this January

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

No matter how hard I try to be cheerful in January; post positive affirmations, keep fit, get out and about, I usually fail. I’d been doing pretty well so far but it hit me, as I write this, it is still only mid-January! How slow has that time gone? I think the issue is Christmas is such a lovely holiday. A lot of people are off work for around 2 weeks. You are together as a family. Many people struggle with the time between Christmas and New Year: what day is it? What should you do? What should you eat?  But for us as a family, we love it. Lazy, PJ mornings, the kids play, walks, films and meeting up with friends if we can. So the new year hits, reality hits and yes, it can be quite a challenging month. It definitely a time to cheer yourself up this January.

What to do? How can you make your January a little nicer. You may be low on money or you may think it is the time to treat yourself and have a little fun?

Cheer Yourself Up This January

Here are some ways I try to keep myself happy in the first month of the new year:

– Plan a meet up with friends. This doesn’t have to be anything pricey but something to look forward to and something fun. I’m seeing some of my blog friends and hoping we will have a great time. Well, we will be kid-free for most of it.

– Get plenty of fresh air. Yes the weather may be cold and we have had a lot of rain but if you can get out to somewhere in nature, perhaps a National Trust with friends, it can be good for the soul.

– Try and get active. I’m not saying blast the gym 5 times a week but perhaps take up a new class, start running, walk instead of driving. Exercise is good for mental health, time out and great for your health too.

– Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals. I never bother with Dry January, just eat and drink healthily. I find putting pressure on myself during an already challenging month, can be a bit much. If you get through the week healthily, a glass of something on a Saturday night can be relaxing and still fits in with a healthy lifestyle.

– Consider booking a holiday. I’d love to take an Alaska Cruise in 2020. Booking a trip or holiday can be really something to look forward to. So perhaps booking cruise for next winter would keep you going. You may as well be cold somewhere else, exploring beautiful country and being able to relax on a cruise!

By the time this post is live we will be coming to the end of the longest month of the year. We will have made it! But keep up these good habits and positive thoughts and goals.

You want to keep cheerful in February too!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.