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My Top Tips for Starting at the Gym

My Top Tips for Starting at the Gym

I have already moaned a little about setting New Year’s Resolutions; it’s something I don’t tend to do really as I believe if you want to make a positive change you can do it at any point. Saying that I know a lot of people who will want to be starting at the gym and start 2018 with a healthy bang!


I’ve been at the gym now for 15 years. It’s part and parcel of who I am but for others, I know it can be a daunting process. Body image, having the confidence to use equipment and that general first push to go can be a scary process. It doesn’t have to be at all. Starting any exercise programme or regime is a fabulous step to improving you health, contributing to weight loss and good mental well-being.

Top Tips for Starting at the Gym

Here are my top tips for starting at the gym:

– Get the right gym gear. Some bright leggings, some trainers that suit your gait, a new hoody. Anything that will make you feel and look good as you step into the gym arena will boost your confidence! I shop all over: New Look, Matalan, HnM and even the supermarkets.

redhead stretching in gym gear

– Really pay attention to your induction to all the equipment and if you forget something, just ASK. It is so much easier to ask one of the experts in the gym how to use something. This both avoids and accident and also helps to make sure you are using the equipment correctly and therefore working your body to it’s max. You want the results right?

– Have a go at the classes. When I was fully fit without an injury, I always went to the classes. They are short, you are told what to do and you end up working hard. Spinning is a fab 45 minute workout. Body Pump is an hour but you will ache in places you never knew about after one class and the group can be really motivating. Definitely check out the class list.

– Go with a training partner. You may have a friend. You may meet someone new at the gym. I have a couple of guys I train with at least once a week and it makes such a difference. I have a laugh and it’s hard work. All good things that keep me coming back to the gym.

– Try the weights area. There is such a misconception that women in particular will buff up if weight training. This is completely not true. Weight training is brilliant for building strength, toning and for fat burning. Ask for some guidance when using the free weights or machines but don’t feel intimidated by the guys! Most are really friendly!

– Mix it up. The gym can get a bit tedious if you are doing the same thing every time. Try different classes, workouts and exercise at different times of day if you can. It keeps things fresh, you body gets challenged and it keeps you going back.

I’m hoping to keep on with my gym regime for 2018. I love it. Clears my head, helps me maintain my weight and fitness and gives me some me time!

I hope this tips help you get started at the gym and keep at it during the new year.

Good Luck!

top tips for starting at the gym


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  1. January 5, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    Great tips and totally agree feeling confident in what you wear is important as is asking for help so you don’t a) look like a nob and b) injure yourself! Xx