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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him and Her

valentine's gift guide

I swear I remember writing my gift guide for last Valentine’s Day. Christmas has passed and we are almost into February! Although we don’t really go out on Valentine’s Day, hubby and I like to do something. It is an excuse for a date night isn’t it? This year it is a Friday, so even more of an excuse really to perhaps stay in, have some food, drinks and some good chats. That’s if we can get the kids to bed eh? It’s also nice to take some pictures and get some Valentine’s Day images.

We don’t go all out with presents but it is nice to have a small treat on Valentine’s Day and here I share a few ideas for the men and women in your lives! Some of these are lovely and personal too!

For Her

1) High-Waisted Leggings from Love Leggings

Leggings are my total go to clothes. They are perfect for chilling in, wearing on a night out and exercising in! I have had the pleasure of receiving some different styles from Love Leggings before and this time, chose a pair of grey high-waisted leggings, perfect for chilling in.  I have some hoodies that will go really well!

These retail at £15 and start at size 4 up to size 28.

Love Leggings stock a wide variety of leggings in so many styles and colours. They have styles for training and maternity!

2) Mermaid Pink Gin

Gin is such a popular drink now and not one I have had a lot of but I’m always keen to try a new alcoholic beverage, especially on Valentine’s Day. I was offered some Mermaid Pink Gin to try and loved the colour of this.

Mermaid Pink Gin is described online as, “Aromatic and refreshing, Mermaid Pink Gin infuses the flavour of fresh Isle of Wight strawberries with the smooth yet complex taste of Mermaid Gin, a blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire. The latter, foraged from the island’s cliffs, is known locally as ‘Mermaid’s Kiss’, hence the gin’s name!”

I thought it sounded great! You can find this in Marks and Spencer for £40 for 70cl.

3) Q Cards

When my husband I used to have date nights in the early game we used to play the question game loads; basically asking each other questions and finding out more about each other. When my muppet husband got over asking the same question, “what’s your sexual fantasy” just for laughs, it was good fun!

When I was offered some Q Cards to feature in my gift guide I was really keen! Q cards are designed for date nights and are luxurious cards designed for connection through questions, curiosity and conversation. Think a conversation game to put your truly in the moment and to spend quality time with a significant other. The types of questions may be crude or superficial or very intense and help you to find out new things about each other or reminisce.

Q Cards retail at £20 and we can’t wait to test them out on Valentine’s Day over a glass of wine.

4) Personalised Cushion from Vistaprint

I love anything personalised and especially a gift that you can use a photo on! Vistaprint are perfect for this and provide a vast array of printing services from business cards, to flyers, signs and banners to personalised photo gifts. These include things like blankets, cushions and mobile phone cases. They also print invitations and cards.

I decided to choose an oversize cushion that I knew I would love and would also be able to give to my little girl. The process was really easy. After choosing my cushion size 66 x 66cm which retailed at £46.65(shipping not included), I simply uploaded two photos; one for the front and back.It was easy to move and re-size the images and you were told if the resolution of the images was not clear enough. Simple and easy process! You get a preview of what your cushion will look like too and can go back if not happy!

I am waiting for my cushion to arrive and will add to the guide asap!

5) White Rhubard and Custard Hot Chocolate from Whittard of Chelsea

I love a good hot chocolate and am always looking to try a new flavour! This Whittard of Chelsea white hot chocolate is Rhubarb and Custard flavoured and turns pink once made! Perfect for cosying up on Valentine’s Evening on the sofa. Also the colour fits in very well!

This hot chocolate retails at £9 for a container and I’m looking forward to giving it a try!

6) Britto Disney Figure from Gift Giving All Wrapped Up

I’m a huge Disney fan and an also a huge fan of Gift Giving All Wrapped Up. I have added some of their fabulous products in previous gift guides before. Stocking brands such as The Willow Tree, Disney Britto, Lolita and Peppa Pig.

I decided to go for another Disney Britto figurine, as always has to be something I would love in a guide.  I chose this Disney Britto White Rabbit Mini Figurine, as he has a little heart on his top, so some romance in there!

He’s 7cm tall and retails at £19.95. I think you will agree he is adorable! This hasn’t arrived yet but you can see, is fab!

7) iMantara Bodycare Products

When I am crazy busy with the kids one of the nicest things to do is pamper myself. Have a bath with some lovely products and relax.

So some body care products from iMantara would be just perfect for this on Valentine’s Day.  I was sent a So Sen Uplifting Body Wash and Body Lotion, with 240ml and retailing at £12.95.

The shower gel nourishes skin thanks to its potent blend of Coconut extracts and Olive oil. Thai Jasmine water and Jasmine Sambac essential oil soothe, revive and restore body and mind.

The body lotion contains Jojoba and Thai Coconut Oils which are moisturising and restorative. Shea Butter leaves legs and arms super smooth whilst Jasmine flower extract invigorates, Rose Geranium balances and Peppermint essential oil energises.

I can’t wait to try!

For Him

1) Guylian Chocolates

I can never go wrong with chocolates for my husband. He loves them and to be fair I like pinching the odd few myself in the evening when we are chilling out.

Guylian are one of my favourite brands; their Belgian chocolate is delicious! This Valentine’s Day Guylian have launched a special box for the occasion.

These Guylian Praline Hearts in, are marbled and filled with delicious roasted hazelnut praline. The 42g box (RSP £1), which contains four praline filled hearts. The 105g heart shaped box (RSP £4) would make a delicious Valentine’s Day gift.

You can find Guylian in supermarkets and in many high street retailers and well as the Guylian online shop.

2) Signature Overnight Spa Break with 25 Minute Treatment and Dining at Whittlebury Hall With Buyagift

Hubby and I are dying to go away! We haven’t been since I was around 38 weeks pregnant with the Little Man, which of course is now a year ago!

Buyagift offer a large range of breaks, all over the country and you can even have the option of a spa too. Of course Buyagift also offer a large range of experiences, including afternoon tea, pampering, dinners and driving experiences.

Hubby and I have chosen a break at Whittlebury Hall, which is reasonably close to us in Northampton and includes a spa. This currently retails at £258. I am really looking forward to booking this and I will be writing a full review after we have visited!

3) Red Kooga Supplement

We all need a boost now and then. One of the biggest things hubby complains about is being tired and this is usually due to our 10 month old waking us up.

A supplement to help with tiredness is always welcome, especially if can help get you in the mood for a bit of love on Valentine’s Day!

Red Kooga is a natural herbal supplement. Some more details include:

  • Red Kooga Ginseng is complete with multivitamins and minerals from A to Zinc
  • Helps to promote mental alertness, energy release & to maintain general health.

You can buy this supplement on Amazon and it available in places like Holland and Barrett. Worth a try to boost your energy on Valentine’s Day!

4) Body Bubble Ball

I love an original gift and something that is a bit fun! We don’t want it getting too serious on Valentine’s Day do we?

The Wicked Body Bubble Ball is a 4-foot inflatable protective bubble lets you collide into each other safely thanks to the durable vinyl, inbuilt safety harness and handles. It is an ideal toy for active, fun-loving adults and children aged 8+ years!

It’s perfect for some real fun and can be used in back gardens, parks or sports grounds!

Wicked’s Body Bubble Ball retails at £49.99 and is available from Amazon, Argos Online, Hamleys, Menkind and

5) Lynx Car Air Freshener

My hubby isn’t a huge car fan. He’s always one for getting something that is practical! So I knew he’d quite like something to make his car smell nice and what sort of scent brings back the memories.

Of course Lynx.

Each classic Lynx fragrance has been harnessed into a sleek diffuser, available in five different formats. From Ice Chill for the cool car owner in your life, to Dark Temptation to draw your other half in, each freshener promises 30 days of freshness.

Prices for the new car fresheners start at £2.99 and are available exclusively at Halfords stores nationwide and

So some fun ideas, from clothes, to chocolates, to alcohol, to romantic breaks!

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we received these products in exchange for inclusion in the gift guide. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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