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Choosing Fonts for Your WordPress Blog | AD

Choosing Fonts for Your WordPress Blog | AD

When I first went self-hosted and moved over to WordPress there were so many design aspects I had to consider. I had to look for a theme and then customise this to suit my needs. This can be a big job and involves a lot of time and effort at the beginning. I always find this sort of thing a little frustrating, as usually just want to crack on and get writing!

Another design aspect of your blog is the type of font you may want to use for your headings, menu and blog posts. There are many you can choose from and it can be made easier by using a plugin.

Here are some WordPress Font Plugins you may want to consider looking at when customising your blog.

Choosing Fonts – Fontsy

If you are looking for a wide choice of fonts to customise your blog and blog posts consider the Fontsy WordPress Plugin. Fontsy is also an alternative to Google Fonts Typography WordPress Plugin and offers both free and paid for fonts and have some really unique designs. The plugin allows you to import your own fonts or choose from their vast font library.

Some of the designs below look really lovely and great for headings.

Easy Google Fonts

This plugin allows you to add Google Fonts to any WordPress theme. There are 600 plus fonts you can choose from and they are easy to add to your website, without any coding. This is brilliant if you aren’t technically minded. Easy Google Fonts also allows you to change your own font controls and rules in the admin area: fab customisation!

Use Any Font

Use any font allows you to use any custom fonts to give your blog a really unique look. You don’t need any CSS knowledge (which is always helpful, as I have to always ask for help at that point!). Use Any Font lets you use any font as long as you have its font format (ttf, otf, woff) without having to depend on other server’s uptime.

Custom Adobe Fonts

Custom Adobe Fonts is another WordPress plugin that allows you to add Adobe fonts into your website. There are some supported plugins you need to use with this and if you don’t have you will need to write the custom CSS to apply the fonts, so may take a little more work here.

Admin Custom Font

This plugin allows you to change the font of your admin board! You may be bored of how your dashboard looks and although this is just for you to see, you can choose from hundreds of different Google Fonts. This has really inspired me to change the fonts on my admin dashboard, as has been a long time!


Choosing fonts for your blog can be a critical and also fun part of its design. I never thought a lot about it before, until I realised I was reading blogs with a font that was just not suitable. This put me off reading the content! A font needs to help you read, make you want to finish reading a post and keep you on a site, with a view to return.

Good luck choosing your custom fonts!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.