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Sumissura Tailored Trench Coat – REVIEW | AD

redhead wearing a sumissura tailored trench coat

The weather has really perked up in the last few weeks. I’ve gone from going out in my hat and furry coat to needing just a hoody and a pair of sunglasses. I know that this review will be published during a vary strange time in our lives: lockdown. A pandemic. A time of complete uncertainty BUT we do know there will be an end at some point and if you are like me, that means some new clothes! I was offered the chance to review a Sumissura Tailored trench coat; a coat that would be made especially for me. I was so excited to see what would turn up in the post, after designing my coat!

More About Sumissura

Sumissura offer women’s made to measure clothes. From suits, to shirts, to jackets, to skirts, to trench coats and skirts. There is a huge advantage with made to measure, as the garment will fit you really well. I get very frustrated with shopping in different stores and needing different sizes in different shops. You just want something that will fit you well!

Sumissura offer so many options when designing your garments, so you truly have a personal feel to what you design.

You can also get a 10% discount if a new customer.

Designing My Sumissura Tailored Trench Coat

The design process was really simple for designing the perfect, tailored trench coat for me. I knew, as soon as I was offered a trench coat, I would want something colourful, ready for spring and when I saw the pink fabric, I was sold.

A women’s made to measure trench coat starts at £149.

You start by choosing your fabric and colour. I was immediately drawn to Arden, as loved the colour. The mannequin on the right shows you what your coat will look like when it is made. The one below. is remus.

sumissura trench coat design

You can alter the style: double breasted vs. single breasted for example and the length of the coat.

You can change the pockets; if you want any or not and the style and if there are buttons or not for examples. There is the option of a belt or no belt.

Also you can alter the shoulders and sleeves of the coat. You can also alter the linings , add your initials but this will cost a little more. So many different options!

It’s important to get your measurements right when adding into your design. You are asked your weight, height and age and then to comment on your build. Is your abdomen flat or large? Are your hips narrow or large? Is your bust small or full? This helps get the coat personalised for you! There is an option to edit the measurements with help from a video. Sumissura can predict how accurate your measurements are from all the details you give. Clever stuff!

I was excited after I had completed my design. I was told the wait is usually a couple of weeks which is great but of course this took a little longer under the circumstances. Shipping was free!

My Thoughts

I was so excited when my trench coat turned up! It was exactly, as I expected and fits really well. I tried it on over my hoody and it was too snug, so I realised it was made perfectly for my size.

What I noticed was the weight of the coat. I’ve had a trench coat before and it was quite light. This was heavier and you could feel the quality.

You can see below the quality of the stitching and how lovely the Arden pink fabric is too.

The ordering process was really simple and liked how easy it was for me to personalised my coat. There were so many different options. The coat fits me so well, so I knew I got my measurements right!

I’m really dying for lockdown to be lifted, so I have somewhere to go in this beautiful trench coat from Sumissura. The woods are ok but not the same as hitting the town!

Overall, I was so impressed with my trench coat from Sumissura. A simple process for a very good quality product.

Disclosure – I was provided with this product and compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.