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5 Things to Do in Las Vegas | AD

5 Things to Do in Las Vegas | AD

Visiting Las Vegas as part of our honeymoon was one of the best trips my husband and I have taken together. I knew I’d always wanted to go after watching films like Casino, Rain Man and The Sopranos. My Mum and step-Dad had also been years before and it just sounded like an amazing place. I also knew there are lots of things to do in Las Vegas and as we were only going to be there for a few days, we would have to pack in a few things in a small amount of time.

Vegas is a place you have in your head and you wonder if it will be like you imagine. It was and it was so hot!

We stayed at Planet Hollywood for three nights before moving on to the next stage of our honeymoon in Hawaii.

things to do in Las Vegas

Here are some ideas of what you may like to get up to in Las Vegas and some of the things we did.

Visit the Casinos

Of course you go to Vegas to visit the casinos and do some gambling. We actually did not gamble much but rally enjoyed visiting the hotels and casinos and just seeing how amazing they all were! We explored so many of them, shopped and had some delicious food. We did have a go on some of the slot machines but not very much.

Walk the Strip at Night

I really enjoyed the buzz of the strip at nighttime. I remember my husband and I buying some frozen cocktails and I felt pretty tipsy, very quickly! I was brilliant seeing all the lights and the nightlife. We did lots of walking, trying to fight the jet lag.

See The Fountains at the Bellagio

The fountains outside the Bellagio hotel was something my Mum had told me about and said it was fabulous.  We were not disappointed. An amazing show and well worth seeing. I couldn’t get over how high the water went. The music was lovely too! A real experience.

Some of the experiences are not just adult only too. Seeing the fountains and exploring some of the other sites would be good fun if you came to Vegas with teens.

Visit Some of The Attractions

There are some fabulous attractions you can see whilst in Vegas. It is not always about the casinos. Madam Tussauds, Cirque du Soleil Shows and The Blue Man Group are some of the options for you to enjoy. You can easily purchase a Las Vegas Pass, which will allow you to enjoy many attractions during your stay.

We didn’t manage this but next time!

Go to The Grand Canyon

We decided we would want to see the Grand Canyon during our trip to the West coast of the States. It was one of those things you just had to do!! We booked a trip from someone on the strip but you can use your Las Vegas Pass for this too.

I just remember the teeny plane we went on to get there and thinking it was like a Pringles tube! It was also a lot cooler at the Canyon and I wished I’d brought a jacket or cardigan with me. The views, however were stunning!

I would love to return to Las Vegas for a few days when our kids are a little older and can be left for a few nights. It’s a place I feel I’d want to experience again now I’m a bit older too, especially for a break from our 3 children!

It was a brilliant place to go and so much fun! Have you been to Vegas?

Things to do in Las Vegas

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.