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Relaxed Style As We Come Out of Lockdown | AD

femme-luxe style

I’m getting to the point of lockdown now where I want to be comfortable but I also want to look good too! I say lockdown but we are actually starting to slowly move out of it. It’s strange. It does get to the point where you can only wear so many pairs of joggers or denim sorts when it has been hot! Lockdown feels like months ago now, possibly as it has been months. We have been home for over 3 long months and even though things are slowly starting to open up, I still don’t feel I have anywhere too dressy to go to. I don’t really fancy the pub or a restaurant yet. Everything sounds a little too much like hard work. I’m after some relaxed style.

I’ve not got any nights out planned, no parties and no holidays. It’s a strange time to be in. I usually have something to have a nice outfit planned for.

However, I’m also definitely at the point where I don’t want to feel like I look awful at the time at home, especially now the weather is pretty good. So lovely and warm.

I turned to Femme-Luxe Finery for some fashion inspiration for this weird in between time we are in now. They have helped me get through lockdown with some lounge-wear style and helped me get out of my comfort zone with fashion and with some winter warmers.

Relaxed Style

This is what I chose this time to keep me relaxed but also looking good!

The first item was a White ‘Stay Home’ Slogan Print T-Shirt. This was from the Oversized Collection and retails at £7.99. I chose a small size, which is 8/10 again.

I love an over-sized tee and it is really big! I decided to wear it recently and it was so comfortable and I do thing the “Sat Home” message is quite important. We obviously want to get back to normal slowly but we also need to be careful and take it easy!

femme-luxe style

I next chose another tee; this White Leopard Print ‘Femme La Mode’ Slogan Print T-Shirt from the Slogan-Edit collection. This tee retails at £6.99 and I chose a small size again, 8-10.

I love the bright and bold leopard print design on this! Really in your face. I’m a huge animal print fan, so this is totally up my street!  I teamed up with my black skinny jeans.

femme-luxe style

Finally I picked this Taupe & Black Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set from the Two-Piece Sets Collection. This is currently retailing at £17.99 and I chose a size small, which is size 8-10. This set us available is from extra small, up to extra large.

This was quite big on me to be fair, even for a size 8-10. The shorts are quite baggy and it is very over-sized! Bear this in mind when you are picking this outfit.

femme-luxe style

The final outfit was this Black Long Sleeve Boxy Cuff’/ed Joggers Loungewear Set from the Loungewear Collection. This retails at £19.99 and again I chose a small size, 8-10. I liked this, as although loungewear it looked, smart and casual but also stylish!

It’s really comfortable and would look perfect with some chunky white trainers.

We really are in a strange time now, as we slowly ease out of the lockdown and are not expected to stay at home all the time, yet still be cautious! I’m enjoying starting to think about fashion a little more again. I’ve always loved my clothes and fashion and it has been very weird not buying items for my holiday this summer but you make the best of a new situation.

I’m enjoying my relaxed style and hoping my next fashion post will be going out style again!

Disclosure – I was provided with these products and compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.