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Cry Baby Doll – REVIEW Baby Nala | AD

Girl cuddling a Cry Baby doll

Ah my girls, they both LOVE their babies. In fact, I think my 18 month old loves them more. When I was asked to review a Cry Baby Nala Doll from IMC toys, I knew both girls would go mad. They adore feeding them, cuddling them and putting them to bed; just like mini parents. Well, until the baby drops hers on its head! Hopefully this Cry Baby Doll Review will give you an idea of whether or not your little one would like one too for Christmas.

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Cry Baby Doll Review

My eldest was pretty excited to get involved with this Cry Baby Doll review and I managed to hold her off until the weekend.

Cry Baby Dolls are exactly what they sound like. They cry real tears when you remove their dummies. There are many babies to collect, since this review was published back in 2018. You can see what dolls are available now here.

nala cry baby doll - cry baby doll review

You fill the 80ml tank in the back of the baby’s head, ensuring you put the dummy in first. If you then remove the dummy she cries with tears. To comfort her, you give her back her dummy and lots of cuddles.

They are not suitable for children under 3 years and you do need 3 x AAA batteries. They RRP at £22.99 and are available on Amazon and Smyths Toys as examples. There have been some new varieties since this post was published.

What Did We Think?

As predicted both girls loved her!! I had to make them wait a little while to open Cry Baby Doll Nala as I was working and needed to get the pictures. They went mad.

girl with nala cry baby doll

Nala was very easy to set up. They come with batteries which is always a plus in my eyes, as saves a bit of money. You ensure she is switched on, using a button on her back.

Then you put her dummy in and fill up the tank. You find the opening on the back of the baby’s head which you can see below.

how to fill doll with water

Bear in mind it is only 80mls to fill the tank! I did not read this and overfilled it! You are recommended to use distilled water, as you would in the household.

You then have to remove any air from the tank and you do this by taking the dummy out and pressing the button a couple of times (as you see above below the tank opening). A bit of water will fall from the baby’s eyes and you can then replace the button and off you go.

If you remove the dummy she will cry real tears and cry quite loudly! You can switch this off easily by using the button on the back.

Cry Baby Doll Not Crying?

If your Cry Baby Doll is not working and your Cry Baby Doll is not crying tears you may not have removed the air from the tank, as described above. It may need the dummy removing and pressing the button on the back of the head a couple of times.

Also make sure you have enough batteries and it is switched on too!

cry baby doll cries real tears

You do get a bit wet so my sensible eldest went off and got a towel, as she was playing. We did get some on the carpet and her clothes but this is quite common with some of the other dolls she has.

girl playing with doll

The doll is also good as if you lie it down and leave it, it makes relaxing sounds and then falls asleep. Just make sure the dummy is in her mouth to avoid more tears from falling. This is a good way of saving the battery too.

Our Thoughts

As predicted the Cry Baby doll toy went down a treat. The vibrancy of her eyes and hair and onesie made my girls instantly attracted and they were fascinated by the tears. I fully supervised my youngest, as she is below the recommended age.

Do bear in mind you will get a little wet, so I’d advise not playing with the babies in a place you want to keep all tidy and dry. We had a bit of water on the carpet and on my eldest’s clothes.

Price wise, they have come down in price since this post was published and they are now £22.99. This is quite reasonable for a doll in comparison with other dolls on the market now.

Have a look at the troubleshooting above if you have any issues with your Cry Babies Doll not crying, as may just need a bit of tweaking.

Overall, if you have a child who adores playing babies and the more life-like the better, they will love these Cry Baby Dolls Nala went down very well!

Disclosure – we were provide with this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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  1. May 8, 2018 / 7:08 am

    Sounds like a perfect gift. How smart your little one is to grab a towel. Sweet mommie.