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LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill Series – REVIEW | AD

girl with lol surprise omg winter chill doll

It’s been ages since we reviewed any LOL Surprise! products. My eldest has been going on and on about receiving on the new OMG Remix dolls and it is 100% on her Christmas list. However she almost wet herself with excitement when she came home to a LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill Doll. This is a new series and I was pretty excited to have a look with her. I’m quite a big fan of LOL Surprise! myself!

I quite like the small LOL Surprise! dolls, as they are quite cute.

My eldest was sent the OMG Winter Chill Camp Cutie & Babe in the Woods set.

We were also kindly sent a blue wig, glasses, a pink scarf and ear muffs for the girls, so they had good fun dressing up too, when doing the review! They feel very “winter chilled”!

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LOL surprise! OMG winter chill doll Camp Cutie & Babe in the Woods set

More About the LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill Series

As taken from online:

O.M.G! We sisters are ready to slay the ultimate winter vacay. We’re after chill vibes and space to cre8 at the top of the world, where the snow sparkles and the wifi is weak. Let’s kick back in our coziest looks for the Winter Chill adventure that is snow outrageous.

The OMG Winter Chill series dolls retail at £39.99 and are available at Smyths Toys.

There are 4 LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill dolls to collect and they are suitable for children aged 6 years and older.

Camp Cutie & Babe in the Woods set

OMG Winter Chill Series Camp Cutie & Babe in the Woods Set

Camp Cutie has detailed features, beautiful hair, and her own cozy style. She’s the big sister to Babe in the Woods, who is also included. The dolls come with a totally unique unboxing experience in a Winter Chill themed package. You open the side to unbox your fashion doll and reveal 25 surprises!

Camp Cutie’s fashions are ready to be unboxed from fabulous garment bags, her shoes have their own shoebox, and her hat box holds her accessories.

Slide off the icy silhouette and you can reveal her picture. Find the ribbon and pull to spin around to find her bio and then reveal Camp Cutie in her dressing room. She’s waiting to get dressed in her fierce fashions. She can strike a pose on her included doll stand.

The package becomes a reusable playset with a dressing room and chill zone, which I was surprised my girls would keep but they have!

Unboxing Our Camp Cutie & Babe in the Woods LOL Surprise! Dolls

I managed to hold my eldest off the unboxing until the next day, as it was pretty dark when I got home from work (blogger’s nightmare for photos!)

She had promised her little sister could have the Babe in the Woods Doll, that came with it and we were good to go.

The box was easy to open – a pull tag which opened to reveal her Camp Cutie Doll!

Opening with the pull tag Camp Cutie & Babe in the Woods set LOl Surprise Camp Cutie Doll in the Box

The doll is waiting a sort of dressing room as you can see above and just open to fully reveal and open your Camp Cutie Doll. She’s ready to be dressed! The box above kinds of spins around too, which fascinated my girls.

Have scissors as there are lots of tags to cut to get her out. I always have to send the girls off, as I haven’t got prepared beforehand.

girl cutting out her Camp Cutie doll surprises from the OMG winter chill series

I’d never seen a LOL Surprise! OMG Remix doll before. They are a completely different shape to Barbies! Small waisted, with bigger bums and thighs. I did have to have a conversation with my eldest about her shape, as she did actually comment on her legs! Just the usual, they are not very realistic to normal girls but I didn’t expect to have to have that conversation! Bear that in mind.

Camp Cutie LOL Surprise OMG doll waiting to be dressed

25 Surprises to Reveal!

You then have the fun blind bags and further unboxing of the LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill doll! There are some surprises hidden with your Camp Cutie Doll, as well as in the right hand side of the box, where the small Babe in the Woods Doll is waiting.

You can see below some of the surprises we revealed.

blind bag from LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill Doll bag for Camp Cutie OMG Winter Chill doll headphones for the camp cutie OMG winter chill doll snow boots for the Camp Cutie LOL Surprise! doll plastic tub with a surprise for the OMG winter chill doll

We also unboxed the cute Babe in the Woods LOL Surprise! Doll which came with it’s usual drink bottle which you squeeze to fill with water and can give your doll to drink and spit out!

She also has little shoes she can take on and off (and lose) in my kid’s cases. Also her red headband is detachable.

Babe in the woods LOL Surprise! doll

Dressing Your Camp Cutie LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill Doll

My eldest was so excited to start dressing her Camp Cutie Doll. She comes with so many accessories. What I thought was cool was you get a hat box with a hat in for your doll and a shoe box with her snow boots in! There are also little coat hangers for the clothes.

She has a bag, earrings, headphones, sunglasses and of course all her clothes.

We did have trouble getting her jacket on and you can see in the pictures, we didn’t manage it BUT since doing the review we have realised you can remove the hands from the Camp Cutie Doll to make it easier to get her clothes on, so remember that one.

Your LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill Doll also comes with a stand to hold your Camp Cutie doll on, so she stands up and looks fab!

Overall Thoughts

I have never seen my eldest so excited for a review before. She was simply going crazy to get into her LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill doll.

I must admit Camp Cutie is pretty cool. As usual with LOL Surprise! you always get a fab, original unboxing experience and tonnes to reveal, which was the case with the OMG Winter Chill series.

I liked the way the dressing room span around and it was easy for kids to find where to pull to open the box and my eldest had a blast opening all the packets and finding all the accessories. There wasn’t anything complicated with the product. The Babe in the Woods little sister was similar to other LOL Surprise! dolls, in she had her shoes and headband and water bottle she drinks from.

I thought the Camp Cutie’s clothes and accessories were great and my eldest really enjoyed dressing her. As mentioned you can remove the hands, when you dress her, which we did not realise until afterwards. The doll herself is very intricate; her hands and nails are long and polished.

I like how the doll came with a stand, so it would be easy to display your doll and accessories afterwards. I often find small bits can get lost but you can keep the hat and shoe boxes too for storage. The girls have played with the box too and keep a lot of the bits and pieces in that. This is also a welcome idea, as I must admit in the past with LOL Surprise! there has been a lot of plastic waste and it hasn’t always sat right with me. It feels like this has been considered a little more with this product.

Price-wise these are not the cheapest dolls at £39.99 but you do get a small and large LOL Surprise! doll which is worthwhile. Also they are likely to be one of the main presents for your child and if they are excited as my daughter was, is totally worth it.

I couldn’t find a lot wrong with the LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill series dolls. As mentioned, my 7 year old was very interested in her body shape and at that age they are very impressionable. I guess this would be similar to the conversation you would have to have about a Barbie. Also I sometimes find the language used to describe the product to the kids, does my head in slightly. BUT I’m 36 not 6!!!

I think these LOL Surprise! OMG Winter Chill Dolls will make kids very happy this Christmas and we had good fun unboxing her. My eldest is taking her all over and playing with her most days, so she is a total hit!

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review.