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10 Ways to Date Online During a Pandemic | AD

date online during a pandemic

Meeting new people can sometimes be tricky at the best of times but in the middle of a global pandemic, this can be even harder. I remember when I started dating my now husband, we did a long distance relationship at first, like many people. I got a job in Birmingham, as a Dietitian and my husband started working for BT down in Ipswich. It was hard at times. We saw each other every 2 weeks and of course, we were both busy with our new jobs at first. But the cracks did show sometimes and we often bickered a little more. We knew this was because we missed each other and we had to work at keeping the spark alive and having fun, even though all online and via calls.

We actually met on Facebook before online dating really took off!

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Date Online During a Pandemic

It is possible to meet people and date during the Covid-19 Pandemic. You may want to use a dating agency, depending on where you live and your age, like a dating agency Kent if you are looking for a date in Kent.

Once you have met that person online who you like and can see friendship and romance developing, the fun part is getting to know each other safely online, as unfortunately we are unable to meet up with anyone at present!

Make Dating Online Fun

Here are 10 ways to date online during a pandemic:

Chat on the phone – obviously you may want to see each other on video but in the early days, messaging and chatting on the phone may feel the most comfortable, until moving towards a video call.

Send each other memes and fun clips – this is always a great way to bond with people and have a laugh. It’s also a brilliant way to get to know someone else’s humour. I’m never sure what is acceptable to send to some people and you can find out if you are on the same wavelength.

Have online drinks together – whether you are starting to get to know each other or keen dating a while online drinks are a great way to chat and have a laugh. If you can speak over a laptop, put away your phone and enjoy a few drinks and some discussion without distractions.

Have online meals together – you could both prepare the same meal, get the same sort of takeaway or ready meal and eat online together. Another perfect way to chat and get to know each other.

Play online games – you can buy some really fun games to play as a couple. My hubby and I have some cards that ask questions and it’s a great way to connect and find out things about each other; even new things if you have been dating for a little while.

Watch a show or film online together – there are so many amazing show and films online at present and it can great to start watching a show with someone else. You can even start it at the same second so you really feel like you are watching it together.

Send fun, sexy messages – depending on how long you have been dating you may fancy sending some fun and naughty messages to each other. It keeps things fun and exciting.

Send pictures – again depending on how long you have been dating, you may feel comfortable sending pictures of each other. Selfies or a bit more naughty. Keeps the spark and anticipation alive when you cannot physically see each other.

Role play – another fun game to play online is role play. You may want it to be simply dressing up and having a themed meet up or a little more sexy. A great way to use your imagination.

Meet each other’s friends online – if you are getting to know each other well but can’t meet each other’s friends, you could also do this online. You may fancy doing drinks, a quiz or an online game like an escape room.

Dating online during a pandemic can be a challenge but it is not impossible!

Hopefully some of these tips and ideas will help you have fun dating, until you can meet your date in person!

10 ways to date online during a pandemic

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