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7 Ways to Keep Your Garden Thriving All Summer Long

7 Ways to Keep Your Garden Thriving All Summer Long

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

While summer may seem like a long way off, the warmer months will arrive before you know it, so as a homeowner, getting your outdoor space ready well in advance is important. With not much to look forward to in terms of going on holiday abroad due to the coronavirus, one thing you can do is get your garden in tip-top shape.

Whether you have limited space or acres to enjoy, here are some simple ways you can keep your garden thriving all summer long.

Begin with Weeds

You will have a hard time finding any homeowner who enjoys tackling weeds. However, this step is a necessity when it comes to getting your garden ready for the summer. Spending some time hand weeding and hoeing can make all the difference, transforming your outdoor space from an overgrown mess to a cared-for, loved garden. If you usually reach for herbicides to get rid of weeds, these aren’t good for the environment. Instead, it’s best to use natural products like salt, vinegar, or even newspapers to stop sunlight from reaching the weeds. Once you’ve got rid of weeds, you should notice a huge improvement in how your garden looks.

Tackle Your Lawn

Once you’ve tackled your weeds, the next step is sorting out your lawn. Regardless of how much garden space you have, a well-maintained lawn can set the scene and create a pleasing aesthetic. Regular lawn care maintenance can boost the kerb appeal of your property and impress potential homebuyers if you’re planning to sell. As long as you have a good quality lawnmower and the blades are sharp, you can do the job yourself, helping to keep your lawn in excellent condition. If you would prefer to leave it to the professionals, you can hire a gardener who will keep up with the maintenance of your lawn.

Get Planting

With summer only a matter of months away, now is the perfect time to start planting. To bring your outdoor space to life, there are lots of long-flowering, colourful plants that you can purchase, including sunflowers, zinnia, and viola. Remember, any plants you have are living things that have basic needs to survive, such as water, air, and light. Before you start planting or if you need any advice, it’s best to speak to a gardener who can assist you on the best plants to use in your garden.

Add Some Shade

While you may love nothing more than sunbathing and topping up your tan, you need to remember that the sun’s UV rays are harmful and can cause rashes, sunburn, and melanoma. If you plan to be outdoors all day long, you should consider installing a patio awning. Patio awnings offer protection from UV rays, helping to keep you comfortable during the summer weather. Awnings can even save you energy, so if you’re looking for awnings for sale, there’s more information here at Nationwide Home Innovations. The company sells retractable awnings that can bring your outdoor space to life. In addition to garden awnings, Nationwide Home Innovations sell aluminium pergolas and verandas. Whether you want awnings UK or you’re after something different, you can install any of these listed to boost the value of your home.

Buy New Furniture

After purchasing an electric awning, there are tons of garden furniture you can invest in which can be perfect for the summer months. If you have a large family or plan to invite guests over, make sure you have plenty of seating for everyone. Chairs and an outdoor table are essential, especially if you have plans to cook up a BBQ or stay outside until the sun goes down. Make sure you purchase lights that can keep your outdoor space illuminated once it gets dark. If you’re on a tight budget, solar-powered fairy lights can be a great inexpensive way to glow up your garden.

Start Pruning

To get your garden ready for the summer, pruning your trees and shrubs is a must. Just like you would with your weeds and lawn, trimming tree branches and garden hedges is essential for creating a tidy and welcoming aesthetic. Pruning not only gets rid of dead and dying stubs and branches, but it can also deter animal and pest infestations.

Build a Shed

Whether you have BBQ equipment that can’t be stored in the house or your lawnmower is taking up too much room under the stairs, building an outdoor shed is the perfect place to store your items. A shed instantly creates extra storage space and can boost the value of your property too. If you’re confident in your abilities, you can build the shed yourself.

When summer arrives, you may want to spend a lot of your time under the sun. Whether you’re having guests over or prefer to be on your own, there are lots of things you can do beforehand to get your outdoor space ready for some much-needed fun and enjoyment.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.