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3 Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog

3 Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Creating a blog is nothing short of exciting. Blogs give you a forum to share your musings on life, interact with your online community, and hopefully earn some revenue from your work.

However, running a successful blog is not as easy as you might imagine. It requires a lot of thought and planning to establish yourself as a renowned blogger.

Read on to find out some actionable steps you can take to ensure that your blog grows consistently.

Have Quality Content

The primary reason people will feel compelled to read your posts is if they find them valuable. In the blogging world, content is king. You must, therefore, put in every effort to deliver quality content.

The best thing about blogging is that you are not restricted to a specific topic or content type. You also don’t have to adhere to some set rules. As long as your content serves a purpose in your reader’s lives, you are good to go.

The important thing is to understand what your audience expects from your blog and to deliver it. For example, do people come to your site to find entertaining stories from your everyday life? Do you offer the best fashion and lifestyle advice? Are people clamouring for more tips on how to bring up children? Once you identify what people are coming to your site to find, you should work hard to deliver it.

Promote Yourself

Although having excellent content is vital to the success of your blog, you need to pair it with an effective promotion strategy. You want to ensure people know that your blog exists and are aware whenever you post new content.

The best way to promote yourself is through popular online forums. This means that you should have a strong community on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Then whenever you post a new article on your post, be sure to let your followers know.

Sometimes, managing your social media sites as well as the blog can be pretty hectic. In this case, you might consider hiring marketing professionals to help you with promotion. They can also help you with other marketing strategies like emailing your readers and SEO.

Granted, paying someone to promote your blog can be costly. However, you can use this ROAS calculator to ensure that the returns you get are commensurate with your investment.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

One of the best ways to grow your blog is to collaborate with other bloggers, especially those who are more established. Consider being a guest writer for top blogs and referencing your site on their posts.

Additionally, make a habit of linking your content to popular blog posts to generate more leads to your site. This tactic works particularly well as an SEO promotion strategy.


Although growing your blog is not as easy as you might imagine, it is a manageable feat. All you have to do is create a growth plan and follow it faithfully. Start by actualizing the tips on this post, and you will see your blog start growing by the day.

Disclosure – this is collaborative post.