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How to Get Your Blog Noticed

How to Get Your Blog Noticed

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Do you have so many great ideas, yet you don’t know how to get those ideas out to the public? One of the most popular ways to get your ideas out of your head and into the world is to start a blog. Blogging is a way to have the freedom to write what you are feeling and what you are thinking without anyone hanging over you telling you what to do. You’re your own boss and you are steering the ship. If you have started your own blog, but you don’t know how to get it out there for people to read and see, here are a few tips on how to get your words around the world. They are simpler than you think. 

Social Media

Everyone is on social media and everyone shares on social media. If you don’t already have social media accounts, start them. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to get the written word out there. Other platforms rely solely on videos, so it may take on a different angle that you can look into later. Post links to your blog and then your friends and family can share it. Before long, your posts will be shared all over and you will gain more and more followers. 

Digital Marketing

There is more than just social media to get things going online, digital marketing is a great way to brand your blog. SEO specialists will create a brand for you and help you to not only start getting your blog out into the world, but they will help you make money too. Your ideas can be so interesting that other people will want to advertise and make partnerships on your page. 

Create Video Content

As mentioned before, some social media outlets are for video sharing only. You may be able to drive traffic to your blog if you create content that is relative to what you are writing. When people see your videos and they are intrigued by what you are making, they will follow you. In your bio you will have the link to your blog, and followers will begin to follow your blog as well. It’s all part of the branding process of creating something that no one else has. 

Word Of Mouth

With so much going on virtually, the traditional word of mouth tactic always works well. When you are out and about in the world, TELL PEOPLE you are a writer and you have a blog. Have cards made out that have your blog address and information on it and hand them out to people if they ask. Have the link already in your notes on your phone so you can quickly copy and paste the link into a text or an email and send it to anyone. The more you talk about yourself the more people will listen and know. Be your own agent until someone wants to take the job from you. Promote yourself, your blog is worth it. 

Disclosure – this a collaborative post.