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2022 Kids Room Mural Wallpaper Trending Ideas | AD

As the pandemic invaded, kids got most affected as they lost almost all exposures. Be it school, be it playground; they are home now 24*7. Spending most of their time at home may bring boredom to their lives. But that has an easy solution. Change the room; make it more interesting. Transforming your kid’s room with wallpaper is easy and much needed. You can transform your kid’s room with various fun-filled, vibrant, colourful or educational wallpapers.

You can have a various range of wallpapers to chose from. We’ve also divided them into sections to make them easy for you to choose from.

Educational wallpaper

– Periodic Table– Learning the periodic table can be hard. But having the table encrypted on the wall, kids will learn it in no time. It also reduces the chance of them forgetting the table as they are always looking at it on their way.

– World Map– This is a great way to educate them about the world. It will also infuse interest in them about the continents, the oceans, the country and people all around the globe. Besides a world map looks good on the wall of a child’s room.

– Alphabet-If your little one is still learning the ABC, you can make the process fun for them by filling their wall with the alphabet. The colour-filled and designed letters on the wall will make it their favourite corner of the house

– Animals– Every kid loves animals and birds. They also have a natural interest in learning about them. But you don’t need to buy an Encyclopaedia for that. Besides, it’s boring. Instead, you can just opt for wallpaper, filled with birds and animals that too in a colourful and fun-filled manner.

– Mathematical-Who says math is boring? When your kid would see the colourful numbers and formulas are dancing on the wall, not only they will be amused but more than interested in solving them all by themselves.

Entertainment wallpaper 

– Cartoons-  You will never go wrong with cartoons when it comes to kidsCartoons are their all-time favourite. Therefore, you could bring his or her favourite characters on the wall and they will be as happy as they deserve to be.

– Trendy Wallpapers- Ask your little one what is going on trend these days. He or she might tell you about Avengers or Doraemon or something that they care about. And Accordingly, you can fill the wall with their choice to see the big smile on their face.

– Story Telling Wallpapers-Choose a wallpaper that tells a story or many stories. This way you will help your child cultivate their imagination which we all know is very important.



Because of their rapid growth, anything that the kid uses cannot be used by them for several years. So, every few years, you might need to redo the wall. Despite choosing something that remains of constant change, you can opt for something that lasts for quite some time. Something that will be relevant for every age. You don’t have to change these wallpapers every few years as they lose interest. Some ideas for neutral wallpaper are-

  • Nature wallpaper
  • Small pattern wallpaper
  • Beautifully designed wallpaper
  • Different colour filled designs

Nothing is more precious than seeing your child smile. We understand it brings the most satisfaction to a parent. Therefore, we are here to help you choose for your child and make them happy and smiling as they deserve and should.  Children are the future. Fill your kid’s room with infinite possibilities with our wallpapers. Whether you want a fairy tale style and a cute animal style for your baby girls, or a cool space or colorful style for your baby boys, or a neutral style wallpaper, you will always find a perfect one for them. Start to create a dreamy nursery room for your kids from the very beginning, let these classic, lovely, modern and colorful elements strike more sparks off each other to decorate the wall.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.