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Creating Tapestries for Your Wall Art | AD

Creating Tapestries for Your Wall Art | AD

I’ve written posts previously on some of the ways that you can use wall art in your home. Personally for me, wall art looks amazing and can really finish off a room. It doesn’t matter what room you are considering; whether it be living space, the nursery or even the bathroom, wall art can be used anywhere. We have photographs, canvases and prints all around our house. I have a rainbow theme around my office space and my husband quite like plants and greenery, so we have a few prints following that theme too. We also like photographs and have a photo wall going up our stairs. What we haven’t got however, are any wall tapestries  and these weren’t anything I had ever considered before but they are an option when choosing your wall art. You may have different wallpapers as your wall art too.

Tapestries for Your Wall Art

I think I mentioned in my previous post that I always think back to our visits to our local National Trust properties when I think of tapestries. They were pretty common many years ago. We have seen some completely stunning designs; huge designs that completely cover walls. The intricacies and designs are amazing and I’ve often thought something a little more contemporary could look good in a more modern time!

Fine Art America have a vast range of tapestries to choose from. You can buy museum-quality tapestries from the world’s greatest living artists and iconic brands. They are lightweight and made from microfibres, available in three different sizes. Each tapestry has hemmed edges for secure hanging with nails and/or thumbtacks.

fine art America screenshot

You can pick from a range of styles including abstract, beach, bohemian, vintage and tie die, to name a few styles!

Choosing a Custom Tapestry

Creating a personalised, custom product for yourself or someone else is always lovely, as it feels so much more special. Fine Art America offer custom tapestries too, so you can create your own designs. I think having a custom tapestry in your home will really give it the wow factor, as it is a unique thing to have and display.

You can upload one of your own photos and I had a little go with this, as you can see below. It was really easy ti do and looks really cool! The custom tapestries are produced using archival inks which are guaranteed to last 75 years without fading. Long time!

You can see that the prices currently start at £19.51 and you can change the size and orientation of your design. Sizes starting at 50″ x 61″ and going all the way up to 88″ x 104″.

It is also easy to alter your image size and make this work too. They also ship within 1-2 working days.

custom tapestry at fine art America

If you are considering some wall art for your home, why not consider a tapestry; something unique and quite original. There are so many styles and designs to choose from and with the option of a custom design too. They will brighten up your home and last for many years to come.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.