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8 Ways You Can Use Wall Art In Your House | AD

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I remember when we moved into our new house. We were lucky as there wasn’t loads that actually needed doing but everywhere did need a paint, as the whole house was just a beige colour! We have quite a bright taste and wanted to put our own stamp on the place. Think greens and yellows and blues.

After painting everything we realised we did have so much wall space! The house is bigger than our previous, so there was lots of options for wall art.

What I didn’t realise was that wall art can come in so many forms. I used to think of pictures and photographs but there are so many options when it comes to personalising your house. It doesn’t have to be simply printing out some photographs and framing them for your walls.

Wall Art In Your House

Here are some options for you when planning the wall art for your house!

Posters – we have quite a few posters on our walls and what I like is they can be so original and you can always find something to fit your style. From animals to flowers, from food to funny posters. You can be as bright as you like and as quirky too!

Framed Printsframed prints have such a professional look to them and I love mix and matching a few for a wall; often going for smaller ones. If already framed, saves you doing that job and is just a case of hanging up! Similarly to posters, there are so many prints you can choose from to fit your style or design.

Tapestries – I would have never even thought about tapestries for wall art but when we have wondered around National Trust houses, we have seen some amazing designs so why not? There are many different tapestry styles you can choose from too, don’t think old fashioned designs at all! This colour, humour, floral or abstract; anything too suit your taste and decor.

Metal Prints – Metal to me always sounds heavy and quite a strange thing to have on the wall but this isn’t the case at all and can bring some really cool wall art to life in your home. Think museum quality and you can choose the work of an artist or maybe even upload your own image.

Wood Prints – wood is another fabulous way of displaying art or images. Designed to last for many years and museum-quality.

use wall art - wooden art

Canvas Art – We are huge fans of canvas and it was probably one of the first types of wall art we tried when decorating our house. We wanted our wedding pictures displayed and they are a lovely way to do this. Again you can have works of art or your own pictures and there are good options to have different sizes too.

Acrylic Prints – we bought an acrylic print for a family member last year and loved the look of it. So vibrant and different to a canvas. Choose an image or artwork for an amazing look on your wall.

Photos to Paintings – as I mentioned we are huge National Trust fans and I always love looking at the paintings of people on the walls; people captured in time. I love the idea of a painting of a photo. It would be like going back in time and preserving a memory in that old fashioned way.

I love choosing wall art for my house. Whether or not we use our own photographs or choose an artist’s work; it is an amazing way to put a stamp on your house and make it yours.

There are so many different ways to display your art and photographs and I hope this post has inspired you to choose something perhaps you wouldn’t have before!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.