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A Dancing Pole from Costoffs – 10 Things I Learnt from Pole Dancing | AD

A Dancing Pole from Costoffs – 10 Things I Learnt from Pole Dancing | AD

One of the funnest clubs I joined when I was at University was Pole Exercise and no, it was not what you think! I learnt how to climb a pole, do some incredible tricks and got very strong at the same time. I loved it. It was different, exciting and I made some great friends along the way. We even did a dancing show to show off all of our hard work.

Since I left University it was more difficult to keep up with pole dancing. I joined a local club after my first daughter was born but I knew I would have to stop, as I wanted to get pregnant again. I did with my second daughter, not long after. I haven’t ventured back but I always debate it one day.

If you are considered a new hobby and fancy something different, pole dancing is definitely something I would recommend but I definitely learnt a few things worth passing onto any newbies!

10 Things I Learnt From Pole Dancing

You get stronger. My upper body strength really changed. I was climbing a pole. I was hanging on and doing tricks! I started being able to do pull ups at the gym. It was great!

You do get addicted quick and want to be able to do some of the more complicated tricks. I watched my instructor and some of the people who had been going a while and really wanted to be able to do the same tricks.

You do get bruised. I am someone who bruises easily and I did find my legs got battered a lot in the early days, as your legs do hit the pole a lot and get squashed when holding tricks. I used a cream like Arnica and it did help!

You want to buy a pole. This is where a dancing pole from Costoffs would be perfect. Costoffs stock a wide range of home and office furniture, as well as exercise equipment, as well as health and beauty products. They aim to stock products of good quality at affordable prices.

This Spinning Static Portable Removable Dance Pole retails at $144.99 and is easy to put up and down. You don’t need a ceiling device. It has an adjustable Height: 92.5-108.3 inches to accommodate room sizes. Perfect for practicing those pole moves and need that extra practice at home!

You ache! Wow in the early day and after learning some new tricks I could barely move when I woke up but it’s a great feeling and it does make you feel stronger.

You feel more confident. It is a very empowering thing to do, pole dancing and it made me feel more confident in myself. You feel sexier and proud of what you can do! I loved being stronger.

Be prepared to not wear a lot of clothes. Hot pants and vests at the ready! You need to have as much bare skin visible to grip and stick to the pole. Legging and long sleeves don’t work and you do just slide off the pole. I got used to it and all people of all shapes and sizes danced and were so confident. It was great!

You do need to do work outside pole dancing. You have to get stronger! When I was at Uni we did strength exercises alongside and I was weight training too. There hits a point where you have to push it harder outside the lessons.

Everything becomes a pole! Lamp posts, fireman’s poles in parks! You name it. The amount of drunken pole dancing I did at Uni out and in poles in clubs, I’m really surprised I didn’t get a serious injury. I was bonkers when I think back.

You can get injured. When I was at Uni, not so much but when I went back after children I did pull muscles more easily. This did make me slightly less confident at trying some of the more risky moves but that could be age too!

Overall I found pole dancing an empowered, amazing fun exercise. I loved it. I was strong and I loved being able to just randomly climb a pole. I still occasionally do it now when I spy a fireman’s pole when out with my kids in the park!

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