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Why every family should hire a storage unit

Why every family should hire a storage unit

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Every family knows the value of storage space, whether you have children’s toys strewn all over the house or old memories piling up in the attic or garage, we all need more space. Purchasing a storage unit is the best solution to any storage problem, you can free up a ton of space in your house to make it easy to keep things looking tidy and store things without worrying about them getting damaged during bad weather. Check out Checkatrade’s guide to storage costs to see what your options are.

Security and Protection

One of the main benefits of using a storage unit is that you can feel confident in the knowledge that it will be watched by CCTV and some facilities even employ full-time security guards to patrol the area. A self-storage container will also keep your belongings in good condition whereas they may be subjected to mildew or mould when they are stored in your garage. Most facilities will also offer you the option to add your own padlock for extra security and also have a signing-in system to track everyone coming in and out of the warehouse. Your storage unit will be kept in a clean warehouse under lock and key ready to be accessed whenever you need it.


The most obvious reason to get a storage unit is to get extra storage space. The best use of a unit is to store seasonal items or items that you need to keep for a long time but do not use often, and to keep that precious storage space in your home reserved for things that you need easy access to. 

You could keep all your Christmas or Halloween decorations in your unit, your suitcases and luggage, the family’s bicycles, garden furniture and all kinds of things that you only need to bring out once a year. Alternatively, you may want to store all those masses of baby clothes and toys you acquired ready to use for the next one or gift to someone else. There are plenty of things that we want to keep but do not need to have access to every day and a storage unit is ideal for exactly that.

They are also perfect for when you are moving house because obviously, you will not have to move everything you have in storage, making the moving process easier. Alternatively, you can use it to store things during the moving process if you are between houses or if you want to stagger the moving of your furniture to help with organisation.


Storage units come in all sizes so you will only have to pay for exactly how much space you need. You can also use a unit for as little as one week without getting locked into a contract. You decide when you no longer need the storage and simply empty it out without having to give any notice. Some companies may try to tie you into a contract so do your research and consider how long you are going to use it in order to avoid any cancellation fees.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.