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Everything you need to know about baby gift registries in 2022

Everything you need to know about baby gift registries in 2022

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

One of the more exciting things to think about when you’re expecting, is creating your baby’s gift registry. From thinking about the essentials you need, to designing your nursery, this period of nesting is a lovely time when you get ready and prepare for your newborn. Some new parents might feel a little bit ‘cheeky’ about asking for specific items, but there’s absolutely no need to feel like this. Keep reading to find out why creating a baby gift registry is one of the smartest things you can do to help your family prepare for your newborn.

What is a baby registry?

First things first, a baby registry is essentially a list of all the items you’d like for the arrival of your new baby. It will most likely be a mix of items for your child as well as some essentials for new mums and new parents. The idea is that you collate a list of everything you want, and get an easy link to send out to family and friends. As they buy products, your registry will be updated to make sure your loved ones don’t buy the same items.

Why make a baby gift registry?

Do you feel a bit funny about asking people for what you really want? For some reason, new parents often feel a little bit embarrassed or cheeky for creating a baby registry. But let us be clear – it is absolutely not presumptuous or rude to create a registry. Your family and friends will be thrilled to get you something you actually need, and if anyone has a problem with it, then they’re not obligated to buy something for you anyway!  If you’re still a little on the fence as to why it’s so smart to make a registry, perhaps these reasons will convince you:

  • Cut costs: Spread out the cost of everything you actually need with family and friends able to pitch in and buy you a few things.
  • Cut down on waste: Instead of getting 2 baby baths, you get exactly what you need and no extras.
  • Save time: Instead of having to individually reply to family and friend’s questions about what to buy, you can send them an easy link to your registry.

How does a baby registry minimise wastage

So how does a baby registry actually help you to avoid wastage? There’s a ton of waste in the world of new babies (and so much plastic). Here are some ways creating a registry cuts down on this:

  1. No double-ups: You literally list out everything you need, no useless double-ups in sight.
  2. Receive products you actually want: Avoid being gifted something that will sit in its box for years to come.
  3. Ability to choose eco-friendly products: Your registry, your rules. Control how eco-friendly your baby products are by only listing eco-friendly options on your registry.

What to ask for on your baby registry?

By now, we think we’ve convinced you on the merits of making a registry. But what to actually ask for?! There are so many ‘essential’ lists out there in the baby-sphere, that it can get overwhelming quickly. Here’s some of our top tips to think about when it comes to working out what you really need:

  • Something to sleep in: Ask for a big ticket item like a cot as this is really one of the things you cannot ‘not’ have. Throw in some smaller price items like sleep suits for friends who just want to get a thoughtful gift also.
  • Something to move in: Another big one to ask for is a pram! If you want to take baby out of the house, this is another essential. Or you could consider asking for a baby carrier instead.
  • Something to wear: It’s a good idea to offer a range of price points in your registry, so that people who just wanted to get a small gift don’t feel they have to spend more than they intended. Luckily, baby clothes fit right into this category and there are many affordable options.
  • Something for play: It’s not essential, but it sure is fun (and helpful). We like popping a baby bouncer or rocker on our lists to give your child the chance to build their motor skills and their parents some hands-free time.
  • Something for mum: New mums are often forgotten when it comes to baby gifts. Make sure to put something on your registry just for you- whether it’s a beautiful linen robe, a breastfeeding pump, or some boobie balm.
  • Something for bathtime: And finally, babies do need to have a bath a couple times a week! Pop a bathtub or a cute hooded towel on your list.

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Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.