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Surprising Facts You May Not Realise About MOT Testing

Surprising Facts You May Not Realise About MOT Testing

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

The MOT test has been part of the driver’s life since 1960 when the government introduced it to try and reduce the number of road accidents and associated fatalities on the UK’s new and rapidly expanding motorway network. But there are some facts about the MOT that are not common knowledge, despite its seventy year existence.

No Council

The MOT being a government legality, one would assume that MOT testing centres would be largely run by governments – namely local councils. Instead out of the 22188 accredited MOT testing centres in the UK, most – a staggering 22046 are run by garages while only 142 are operated by the council. This actually works out better for most people, as a failed MOT at a council testing site means that you will have to have your car towed to a garage which can repair it, whereas getting your MOT done at your local garage means that they can service it beforehand and repair it for you – perhaps even before the official test, to make sure you fly through it. If you are someone who is interested in scheduling an MOT test and are looking for a local garage for that, then we will recommend Elite Direct. Avail car MOT testing facility at Elite MOTs London Centre and be safe and roadworthy.

When to MOT

You might assume that every first MOT must be done when a car is three years old and then repeated annually, on or about the same date. However, while this is true of regular cars, light vans, heavy goods vehicles and motorbikes, it is not the case for taxis, buses or ambulances, all of which must have their first MOT when they are just one year old. Older cars – those deemed classic or vintage that are older than 40 years old – are completely exempt from the MOT. This is because it is very rare to find cars this old still on the road, and those that are tend to be in wonderful condition and only driven occasionally, to attend car shows and the like.

Stay On Top of Screen-wash!

Would you believe that a bottle of £3 screen-wash can save you £5,000? Well it can, but not in a good, let’s-start-planning-a-holiday, kind of way! If your screen-wash is not filled up, this can earn you a fail on your MOT, because it means that you cannot guarantee good visibility on the road. Should you be in an accident because of this, the fine can run up to a staggering £5,000! Ouch, and make sure you add screen-wash – a lightly soapy ‘water’ that will actively cut through road dirt and grease to given you a sparkling clean windscreen – to your next shopping list.

High First Time Fail Rate

A cautionary tale to end on: over ten percent of first time MOTs end in a fail. Be aware of the MOT checklist and make sure your car is always in good, roadworthy condition – it is the only way to sail through your MOT without issues

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.