Kids Dress Kids with House of Fraser

Any regular followers of my blog will know my daughter has suddenly had an obsession with dresses and in particular Princess dresses. This has also extended to shoes, bags, my perfume and tiaras. I love how this has nothing to do with me. I like some girly stuff but mainly I live in leggings and jeans. Rarely do I pick a dress.

When House of Fraser contacted me to be part of a feature which allows kids to pick their own outfits and I would blog about it, I couldn’t help think the timing was completely perfect.

The gremlin was really keen and sat on my knee and browsed through the selections we were given, with gusto!

Immediately she was drawn to the dresses and actually 2 side by side on one of the selection pages. The first was a gorgeous white one (yes WHITE) with sequins all over by Little Dickens and Jones. ┬áThis one looked like a wedding dress – STUNNING.

The second was another Little Dickens and Jones, this time navy but again covered in sequins. Just so beautiful and so typical of my little Magpie to pick them.


I then thought we could do with some accessories so I thirdly picked a lovely Monsoon denim jacket for her.


The fourth and final option was the gremlin’s choice and of course a fairy costume set!


I wasn’t 100% sure if it was an “outfit” as such!! However, the assignment was #kidsdresskids and she had her say; however random or not! Who am I to argue with a wannabe Princess?

I’m not sure who was more excited when the package with her goodies arrived. Her face was a picture and we had “Mummy, can I put these on now?”



As part of the post we had to aim to take some decent pictures of her but I had to take a few on my phone as she excitedly tried on her goodies.



We decided to take a few shots of her in the garden on a very sunny Sunday and here is what we got. It was a bit hot for the jacket!

I have to add we had “Let it Go” from Frozen playing on repeat to get her move about a bit. Who said it was easy to get a 2 year old to pose?

DSC_2104 DSC_2092


DSC_2136 DSC_2139

I am soooo sick of hearing, “Mummy, can I wear my white dress?” To nursery, to hang around the house, to eat in and to play in the flipping garden!! It’s hung in my room and the amount of times it has been dragged down the stairs and put on for a bit before we go out. We will get her wear out of it, even if it is never worn on a actual special occasion!

She completely adores her choices and I am bowled over with the quality and sheer beauty of what she picked. She certainly has expensive taste.

Thanks so much to House of Fraser for including us in this project -we loved every minute.