Trolley Bags – **REVIEW*

I always forget bags when I go food shopping. Or I don’t have enough and I have to buy a few. Happens all the time. Drives me a tad insane and now I have a cupboard in the utility full of carriers!!! I was perusing Twitter a while back and saw a request to review some Trolley Bags. I first thought “you unbelievable nerd why do you want to review those?” Then I looked at them closely and thought they would be brilliant for food shopping.


Years of working at Tesco and packing bags meant I liked a system to my bag packing and often the small carriers don’t allow for my system! Trolley bags are big and robust, with loads of space.

I was going on a big shop with the gremlin when I tried out my bags for the first time. Hubby had already used them and advised me to put them at the end of the trolley at first, load up the trolley with food as usual and then set them up when checking out.


IMG_5699 (1)

And this is what we did. The gremlin was really good for me and we had a giggle filling the trolley. She did manage to con me out of some sparkly shoes, some PJs, two books and a new purple cup!!

We reached the checkout and I unloaded our goodies and set up the bags. This is really easy as they are attached together with velcro so you can put all 4 along the top of the trolley in one swift move!



Note – if you have a stinker like me she will try and pull all the velcro apart!!! Quite easy to sort however.

The best bit was going through the checkout. You know in Aldi where they throw the food at you at 100mph and you bung it all in the trolley in a complete mess and sort at the end of the shop?? Well the only thing that is the same was my speedy packing! I had a bag for cold, one for fruit and veg and another for tins etc. I could pack up so quickly and no annoying carriers to fumble with, delaying the process.


Then you get to the car and only have 3-4 bags to deal with to shove in the boot and unload when you get home. Plus it is organised and ready to unpack. Genius.

I was so impressed with these bags. They were easy to carry and organise and made my check out experience a breeze!! I will not be forgetting them on the food shop in future.

Definitely worth the pennies.

Disclosure – we were kindly provided with this item for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.