My #GeorgeMiniMe with Asda

The gremlin is getting to be quite a fashionista with all her beautiful dresses and I quite like the fact that she loves clothes. I have bought clothes as a present for other kids who… View Post

Beets Blu Smart Scales **REVIEW**

I use body composition scales in my job as a dietitian. It’s good to know what a person’s fat and muscle % is so they can come back and compare each time. It sets goals… View Post

Tiger Stores – Shopping Heaven!

AD – Have you been to a Tiger stores before? I hadn’t until my friend dragged me into our Solihull one and I was hooked. I would describe it as a place that sells kind of… View Post

Tefal Cook4Me **REVIEW**

AD – Any regular readers and friends of mine will know my lovely hubby does the cooking in this house. Fabulous stuff and me and the gremlin love his dishes. When I was offered a… View Post

Rockin Baby Dress **REVIEW**

This week’s word has to be dress!! I’m so sick of not being able to buy clothes for myself with this huge 33 week pregnant bump! However, the gremlin keeps getting offered all these gorgeous clothes… View Post

Turtle Bay Restaurant **REVIEW**

I’d never heard of the restaurant Turtle Bay before so when one was opening in Solihull earlier on in the year I was quite intrigued.  I was asked to go to the opening night but could… View Post

Bumpbix Pregnancy Cookies – **REVIEW**

AD – Food is my life. This is always the case whether I am pregnant or not but I love planning what to eat and always have a snack and a drink on me. Hangry… View Post