Bathing Bunnies – REVIEW

AD – The gremlin and I always share a bath together. It is fun and a way for us to have a little more time together. I’m not sure how long this will last for… View Post

Kidloland Kids App – Review and **GIVEAWAY**

The gremlin is at the age now where we are teaching her the alphabet, recognising letters, writing letters and some basic phonics. I sometimes feel I need a little help though! The gremlin loves the… View Post

Second Prize with House of Fraser

I was absolutely thrilled recently when Run Jump Scrap was runner up in the House of Fraser Kids Dress Kids Competition. The memo was to let the gremlin pick an outfit and to take some lovely… View Post

Miniscoff Organic Foods – **REVIEW**

Being a dietitian I always have an interest in food; mainly eating it but hey! I was contacted a while ago by Miniscoff organic foods to trial some of their organic ready meals and sauces for… View Post

Trolley Bags – **REVIEW*

AD – I always forget bags when I go food shopping. Or I don’t have enough and I have to buy a few. Happens all the time. Drives me a tad insane and now I… View Post

Kids Dress Kids with House of Fraser

Any regular followers of my blog will know my daughter has suddenly had an obsession with dresses and in particular Princess dresses. This has also extended to shoes, bags, my perfume and tiaras. I love… View Post

Turtle Bay is coming to Solihull!

At the moment anything food related is enough to catch my interest but when I was invited to the opening of the new Turtle Bay restaurant in Solihull on 26th May, I was a bit… View Post