Weaning Before 6 Months – I was Scared to Admit It

I’m a blogger. I talk about my life, my kids, chat to so many people and engage over social media. I share my children’s milestones, their fun stories…pretty much everything. Sharing is pretty much part… View Post

Scrapbooking for Piglet

When Piglet was born, I thought I would have zero time to do any scrapbook pages for her. The gremlin used to have some good naps and I wasn’t blogging, so it took all my… View Post

Octer – Shopping in One Place

As a parent, time is the essence. Basically, I always run of of it! I do however, love to go shopping. Clothes are my big thing and I do have to stop myself buying something… View Post

Be a Disney Baby

I’m a Disney lover. After two trips to the States and countless watching of all the Disney films, new and classics, I’m hoping my girls will follow suit! We have already watched quite a few… View Post

Dorina Sports Bra **REVIEW**

AD – I am completely useless when it comes to buying a decent sports bra. When I wasn’t breastfeeding perhaps this was less of an issue. Now I have huge, milky boobs, support is important.… View Post

Happy 5 Months Piglet

I can’t believe the next update I will be writing will be confirming my little Piglet has been on the planet for 1/2 a year. This will also mean I am also 7 months into… View Post

Healthy Protein Pancakes

This week’s word has to be Pancakes and with Shrove Tuesday on the horizon I thought I would share a recipe. I have really go into pancakes for breakfast over the last week, especially when… View Post