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Zoggs – The Mermaid Flower Water Wing Swim Vest **REVIEW**

Zoggs – The Mermaid Flower Water Wing Swim Vest **REVIEW**

AD – My girly is quite a confident swimmer and loves the water. When we were asked to attend an event down in London where she could try out a new Zoggs product and get some one-to-one help with her swimming, I was very keen.  The gremlin was going to trial the Zoggs Mermaid Flower Water Wing Swim Vest.  This currently retails at £23.99 and comes is sizes 2-3 and 4-5 years. This would also be fab for holidays.

More About The Zoggs Mermaid Flower Water Wing Swim Vest

These are the product specifics.

  • Fixed buoyancy in the body and arms
  • Easy to use and perfect for building confidence in the water
  • Zip back with tab to hold zip in place
  • Puts children forward into a natural swimming position in the water
  • Mermaids print on the arms and placement print on the front

The Event

We trained it down to London one Sunday in July and headed over for her swimming lesson.

As well as being kitted out in a lovely, brightly coloured swimming costume and Zoggs towel, the gremlin was given some fab goggles too, which she has been using for her swimming lessons since. They are nice and easy to adjust and the blue looks brill.

We both got ourselves changed as I was getting in with her, and she got into her swim vest which was easy to get on and fitted her well. She seemed comfortable too.

girl wearing the zoggs swim vest

The swimming lesson involved her getting in and trying out the vest. Initially some children do feel a little strange as the buoyancy is different to wearing armbands. The gremlin seemed fine with this though immediately. She is pretty confident in the water, due to her swimming lessons but doesn’t always swim much!! She prefers going under water and messing about. She is fab on her back but often puts her feet down a lot when trying to swim on her front.

girl swimming

However, contrary to this my gremlin was really good on her front with the vest! She was given some instructions by the lovely teacher Simone and started to bring her arms out of the water and put her face in; she was doing some basic front crawl. I was really proud of her as she has never done this before in her lessons. I also found the vest stayed put and didn’t get in her way when swimming.

girl swimming with zoggs goggles

We were advised to practice a little and Simone would come back and take the vest off to see if my gremlin would be able to swim alone a little. Getting the little monkey to practice a little was harder, as all she wanted to do was play with the Zoggs toys we were given but nevertheless she had a few practice runs.

girl in watergirl being taught to swim

The Results

I was amazed as she actually managed to do a few strokes of front crawl all by herself with her feet off the floor. She has never done this before and I am convinced the vest helped. It allowed her to feel fully supported and practice her strokes. Sometimes arm bands can get in the way and they do only support her arms. I do think she needs to learn the techniques to keep afloat whilst swimming, whilst being supported. The vest helps with this.

We have tried with it alone when swimming since and the results have been similar. I am hoping to continue and that she will progress, eventually being able to swim fully without arm bands.

If you have a little one who is getting more confident in the water and is needing that push to learn to swim, I would really recommend the Zoggs vest.

Big thumbs up!

Disclosure – we were invited to the event and provided with the Zoggs products free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



  1. August 18, 2017 / 7:24 pm

    Bless her, it looks as though she did brilliantly!

  2. August 22, 2017 / 2:54 pm

    My kids have come on leaps and bounds over the summer holidays with their swimming and I think this vest would be a great purchase for my 5 year old!