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Fred ‘n’ Friends Book – REVIEW

fred 'n' friends book

AD –  The gremlin and I always love a good story book and the gremlin is a big fan of animal stories, so when we were asked to review Fred ‘n’ Friends it was a definite, resounding yes! I’m kind of excited for when she goes to school and learns to read for herself!

We receieved a copy of A Seaside Adventure, alongside a book mark and a colouring set.

fred 'n' friends book

More About Fred ‘n’ Friends

The Fred ‘n’ Friends series was created by Angela O’Donnell and the stories are co-written with her Mother, Stephanie O’Donnell. The story is illustrated by Timm Joy and published by Olympia Publishers. The information I received explained the stories are aimed at children who are aged 3 years and over, there are 3 in the series with one currently being written.


They are based on a real Fred the dog, who I’m told loves his food (we have that in common at the moment!)

back of fred 'n' friends

The book tells the story of Fred taking a trip to the seaside with his owners. There he befriends a crab who has lost his shell and they have an adventure together trying to find it, meeting some other friends along the way. There is a lovely happy ending and Fred does appear quite endearing throughout.

The story rhymes throughout which I always love as is great for teaching little ones about rhyming and sometimes it feels like you are “singing” the book (random but you may get what I mean).

There are a few more complex words throughout the story which I found more of a pro, as it allowed my little one to be exposed to a few new words I may have never used with her before.


My only negative is the print of the words is quite small and close together. This may be harder if older children want to read this out loud but that was it.

However, my daughter wasn’t fussed. She enjoyed the story and sat for the whole book. She also asked for me and her Dad to read it again to her; “can we read the sausage dog please?” Always a good sign. Hard to get her to ever stand still, hence the photo below.

girl reading fred 'n' friends

Overall I found Fred ‘n’ Friends Seaside Adventure a fun story to read. The main character is as as cute as a button and my daughter was obviously keen! It’s a lovely story with a happy ending. Definitely worth a read.

If you are interested you can find the series over on Amazon, various bookshops and Olympia Publishing.


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  1. May 5, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    It’s always nice to have a new bedtime book, to mix up with the old faves.
    Thanks for sharing the book review with #coolmumclub Sarah!