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Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had so much hair. I’ve always been a red head, though it has got less red as time has gone on. You always want what you don’t have though don’t you? My hair has always been thick and wavy and needs an awful lot of straightening. I used to dream of sleeky hair when in school, yet so many girls would crave my thick hair. Mad really.

It’s pretty much always been really long. As I hit 30, I had that internal battle of whether or not I would cut it or continue to maintain having long hair. Ridiculous really but I remember a work colleague asking me quite seriously if I would cut it after I hit 3o, as long hair after this age wasn’t really right! Crazy! I’m 32 now and the hair is still here. I do worry if I cut it though I will need to invest in hairpieces for men and women, as would miss it too much!

My husband is pretty possessive over it too and the amount of times I have hinted about a cut, he has got a bit bothered, as he loves it long. Yes, I do occasionally do as I am told. My hair dresser has told me she will refuse to cut it though, unless I have a very serious reason to why I must!

When I had the girls I enjoyed the beautiful thickness of it. It shone and looked lovely but no one prepares you for how much will fall out a few months after the baby is born. They say it doesn’t really shed during your pregnancy as normal, so you have 9 months of hair shedding to catch up on. Not a lot you may think? Wrong! So much hair falls out; it is ridiculous. I could be washing my hair and pulling hand fulls out. It’s on the floor, in my brush, on the carpet and all caught up in the hoover. With the amount that falls out plus the amount  I am yanking out going nuts with my children, I was starting to think I would need Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment and a whole new head of hair. My hubby used to go mad finding it everywhere and telling me to cut it all out of the vacuum.

I sometimes think I should get it all cut off and go through cycles of planning what I what do. Then I get all scared and don’t bother.

Would you cut it?

Would love to know what you think?

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post