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Keeping Your Energy Up During the School Holidays with Berocca

The school holidays can be tiring! I’ve only had my gremlin for a little extra during the summer break; she finished a little earlier from nursery and will be starting school in September but I can feel it. Energy levels are just that bit lower and after chatting to a few friends, I know they feel the same.

Us parents do put the pressure on ourselves sometimes; we want our children to have an awesome holiday but it can get a bit much sometimes and be very tiring. It’s hard to relax and rest. The weather has been pretty bad too and days indoors with restless kids can be relentless and just as tiring as going out for the day.

The gremlin recently turned 4 and this has meant some fun birthday activities as well, including a bouncy castle, party and lots of planning, present wrapping, food prepping and an excited girl.

To put it bluntly, I am knackered and am definitely up for a pick me up.

Top Tips to Feel more Energised

There are a few things that you can do to boost your energy levels and these are my top tips.

– Try and get a good sleep and this means going to bed earlier. So many of my friends admit to burning the candle at both ends, just to get some time to themselves when the kids are in bed. Sadly, this results in being really tired all the time. I try to be asleep by 10.30-11pm if I can to get a good 7-8 hours sleep.

– Do some exercise. This sounds a bit crazy. Why exercise if you are already tired? BUT some gentle exercise; a walk, an exercise DVD, cycling with the kids can really boost the endorphins and make you feel more energised.

– Try to eat as healthily as possible. Lean protein, wholegrain, wholemeal carbohydrates, plenty of fruit and vegetables and trying to keep sugar and caffeine down where possible. Stabilising blood sugars will really help with feeling more alert and avoiding slumps in energy. Reach for a handful of nuts and an apple, rather than that mid-morning cake.

– A Berocca fizzy tablet, first thing in the morning with your breakfast, can really help you feel more energised. Berocca is the number one energy vitamin supplement and is packed full of 8 B vitamins  including vitamins B1 and B2. These work with your body to release your natural energy, helping you to feel better during the day. Berocca is believed to make you feel like “you but on a really good day”, as has been scientifically proven to help with energy release and mental performance.

It is rubbish if you feel like you can’t achieve what you want to due to tiredness and feel like a nap but Berocca can really help with this and it is one small change you can make to your breakfast routine. With a fresh and orange taste, it’s a refreshing start to the day.

– Have lazy days. Don’t feel guilty. If the weather is rubbish and chill and rest. Watch films, read and have time as a family. This may allow you to catch up a little and feel better for it.

The summer holidays are coming to the end soon but these tips will help generally and with the chaos of school starting, feeling energised is needed. And dare I say it? Christmas be around the corner with plenty of busy times ahead!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post with Berocca.


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  1. August 31, 2017 / 2:13 pm

    I feel like I am crawling to the finish line. What a looooooong summer it has been. Some simple but effective tips! Thanks for posting.