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The Hot Eye Compress Mask by Feel Good Contacts – REVIEW

The Hot Eye Compress Mask by Feel Good Contacts – REVIEW

AD – Sometimes after a hard day with my crazy girls, plus work, plus blogging, PLUS exercise all I need is to chill. Have some me time and what better way to do this, is with a hot eye mask?Just the thought of it, is making me feel all sleepy and relaxed! I was asked to recently review the Hot Eye Compress Mask by Feel Good Contacts and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

More About Feel Good Contacts

Feel Good Contacts are the UK number 1 supplier of contact lenses; they stock 96% of all lenses and you can opt for next day delivery as standard if you order before 8pm.

They sell sell only branded contacts, sourced directly from UK manufacturers, as well as the original branded equivalent of many high street opticians’ own brand lenses, including Specsavers’ easyvision, Boots’ Premium and Vision Express contact lenses.

There is eye care advice and they offer contact lense solutions, sunglasses, eye drops and dry eye treatments to name a few.

The Hot Eye Compress Mask

Feel Good Contacts also stock eye masks and the Hot Eye Compress Mask is currently retailing at £19.90.  It can help with dry eyes, grittiness and irritation. The mask is filled with BodyBeads self-hydrating technology, which can be microwaved or heated in the oven.

You are recommended to leave the mask on for 7-10 minutes after warming, as it stimulates the surrounding glands. and there is a strap for comfort.

What Did I Think of the Hot Eye Compress Mask?

I decided to microwave my mask and try it when the baby was sleeping. There are very comprehensive instructions which tell you how to use the mask, how often. There is also information of how to massage the eyelids if required.

hot eye compress mask

I heated my mask for 60 seconds and it was lovely and warm. It is important to check the temperature on your wrist, as you would a baby’s bottle. If too hot, wait to cool and try again.

I then had another go with the kids around! Lovely on my eyes but maybe not as relaxing with the loons!

Although I don’t have any of the eye conditions associated with the mask, it was soooo relaxing and warm. My eyes felt lovely; I could have nodded off. I would use it just to relax and chill out if I wanted a little peace and quiet. I do now and then suffer with itchy eyes from pollen and cats, so this would be perfect for those occasions.

If you need a lovely warm eye mask to help relax or suffer from eye irritations, this mask really helps and feels lovely.

Disclosure – I was provided with this mask and compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.