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Taking my Daughter Out of School for a Holiday – Why?

Taking my Daughter Out of School for a Holiday – Why?

One week today we will be in Crete on holiday hopefully! Eek! We always tend to go away on holiday at this time of year and my Mum and step dad have been coming since the gremlin was 9 months old. It’s become a bit of a family tradition. This year we are going to a lovely Greek Island but the only difference is my gremlin is in school now and will be when we go. We will be taking my daughter out of school for a holiday.

This was a decision this year that I toyed with for a loooong time (ask my family and husband!)

Taking the eldest out of school.

She started in reception last September and is one of the youngest in the year, with a late August birthday. Technically she is still 4 when we are taking her out for well over a week and therefore not legal school age. I know we won’t get fined but of course I do still feel a little guilty.

I’ll freely admit I’m one of those parents who think the decision to scrap any holiday allowance and fine parents is ridiculous. It is obviously a way for the councils to make more money and I know schools have their OFSTED targets to meet with attendance. Although I’m aware the children do miss bits and this of course can be an inconvenience to teachers, the education, culture and family time is way worth going.

As a child, although we could never afford to go on holiday abroad, my best memories as a child, were my summer holidays. Staying with my grandparents, the beach and the Yorkshire Dales. I had a fab time with my brother too. Ask me about what I learnt at school at this time and I couldn’t tell you at all. My eldest adores her holidays and as she has got older looks forward to them more. I know she will start to take more in about the places she visits and it will truly be more of an experience for her.

Plus the gremlin is 4. She is in reception. I know what she gets up to and have some idea of what she will be missing, after speaking with her teacher. I also know her days are filled with play and I also know what work she does need to do whilst she is away. She has been given some harder books and we can encourage her with her numbers and spelling whilst when are on holiday. I’m quite lucky she is quite a motivated little thing and enjoys learning.

I know many would argue, you have kids you pay the price and have to go in school holidays and to some extent I do agree. As she gets older and she is learning more, I’m not sure I will take her out, as I don’t want her to miss too much.

But these early years? I don’t think it is too much of an issue. Life is here to be enjoyed, in my opinion. I work, I earn and I don’t particular want to pay hiked prices and go away when everyone else is away. I like people don’t get me wrong (!) but I much prefer a quieter hotel and this will be the complete opposite during a school break. It will be heaving! This time of year is also cooler too. We like the warmer climates and July and August can be extremely hot.

This post may sound like a massive justification spiel to my decision and you know, it may just be that. But if you are thinking of taking your kids out for a holiday, I certainly won’t be judging. If it’s the only time you can afford to get away as a family, then I’d say do it.

My school days were some of my happiest memories but my holiday memories, as both a child and adult will always trump them and I think that is all that matters.

why I am taking my daughter out of school for a holiday


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  1. May 27, 2018 / 7:28 pm

    I did the same thing last year for our Disney trip. Less expensive, less crowded, and frankly, better suited to my schedule. I lucked out that the school didn’t hassle me, but I wouldn’t have changed my plans anyway