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Librio Personalised Books for Kids – The Tree, The Key & Me

Librio Personalised Books for Kids – The Tree, The Key & Me

AD – Librio personalised books are a truly, beautiful addition to your child’s library. They have a lovely story available for your little ones called The Tree, The Key and Me.

My gremlin always has stories every night with her Daddy and reading together is so important for her. It’s a special time for them to connect. It’s also a time she isn’t having to read to us, learn spellings or do homework, which is so important.

Personalised books are just magical for children. In the past, she has always loved anything with her name in it, so I knew this book from Librio would capture her attention and she would really enjoy.

More About Librio Books

Librio is a Swiss-based company and creates the most beautiful, personalised story book  called The Tree, The Key and Me. Not only is the story lovely but the images are enrapturing.

Librio The Tree, The Key and Me Book

Librio Inside The Tree, The Key and Me Book

Librio have created over 5,000 copies of The Tree, The Key & Me for children in over 40 countries and have had some fabulous reviews. It is available in several languages, including English (UK and US), Welsh, Spanish, French, Italian, German, German dialects, Swiss dialects and Romantsch.

A kind aspect of this company is that every time a book is sold £1 is donated to a charity supporting literacy around the world, therefore helping others to read too. Librio also use 100% recycled paper for their printing but without losing any quality (and trust me it doesn’t). The books are also printed with award-winning sustainable printers the Pureprint Group​.

If all this doesn’t one you over, Librio also plant a tree with Trees for the Future​ for every book sold. Amazing!

Librio – The Tree, The Key and Me

The best thing about this book is that your child is the main character! We are not just talking about in name but in image too. My gremlin was completely thrilled to see a little girl in her book that looked liked her, complete with green eyes and clip.

Ordering Librio – The Tree, The Key and Me

The ordering process was really simple.

You can create your character starting with gender and adding your child’s name. You then have the options to alter the skin colour, hair colour and style, eye colour and finally if they have glasses.

Creating a character for The Tree, The Key and Me BookWhat I really liked was you could preview your book and check if you wanted to go back and make any amendments to your character.

You then had the option to add a personal dedication at the front of the book.

You can then decide whether or not you want a soft copy of the book retailing at £19.99 or a hard copy at £27.99. It arrived really speedily, so the whole process was simple and if you were sending to a friend overseas, I would totally trust the process.

The Tree, The Key and Me – The Story

The story itself is just lovely. It’s about a small child who loves to play out and explore and one day digs and finds a magic key. This key takes her on a journey through a tree in which your child saves the forest from losing it’s colour. There isn’t particularly a “baddie” as part of the story and it incorporates some really great themes for kids, including kindness, helping others and thinking outside the box to solve a problem.

girl with her book

The images are beautiful and there is almost an “innocence” about them which is one of the reasons I loved the book and enjoyed sitting with my eldest and reading to her.

Girl reading

Our Thoughts on The Tree, The Key and Me

My eldest was very excited when I told her she had a new book all about her and we sat together one Saturday afternoon and read it. It was lovely as she could read a little herself now but she did ask me to do it for her.

Inside Librio The Tree, The Key and Me Book

She kept asking questions, as if she could not believe it was a book about her which was very cute. She sat and didn’t move for the whole story, so I knew it had caught her attention completely.

Girl reading Librio The Tree, The Key and Me Book

It’s such a well-written and well thought out book. I believe it captures so much for children, including the personalisation and the story, with such innocence and a lovely message.

I have a feeling Daddy will be reading it for a long time to come at bedtime.

Discount Code

If you are as hooked as we have been, you may be thinking about ordering this for your little one or a family member or friend. Librio are kindly currently offering a 15% discount for if you order 2 or more books. You just need the code YAY15.

If you want to check out Librio’s social channel and keep up to date here there are!

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | The Librio Blog .

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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  1. October 13, 2018 / 7:30 am

    It’s a stunning book isn’t it, I’ve got one for my son & was really impressed with the quality