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TreasureHouse Pre-Loved Kid’s Clothing – **REVIEW**

TreasureHouse Pre-Loved Kid’s Clothing – **REVIEW**

AD – TreasureHouse really make the shopping experience for your children completely different and I was really keen to try them out. They offer a service which allows you to shop and swap kids’ clothes, whilst saving money.

The gremlin has a particular style with her clothes and I guess I buy similar things for her and don’t always step out of her comfort zone. She is a girl who likes new clothes and quite likes getting them as presents which is always nice. I therefore do quite like shopping for her or even taking her with me. With have never bought pre-loved clothes though, so was going to be a different experience.

TreasureHouse – How Does It Work?

TreasureHouse offer a trade-in service where you can purchase pre-loved clothes using credit you have earned from trading in your pre-loved clothes! Or you can use money, depending on what you want.

I’m now getting to the point where I need to start sorting out my girls’ pre-loved clothes as we are about to have a boy this time! I never know whether or not to give away or send to a charity shop, but TreasureHouse would be an option.

You can have one of TreasureHouse’s bags sent to you or use one of your own. This is sent within 48 hours. After filling, you then can have the bag picked up for free and can pick a time and date.

TreasureHouse are quite clear on what they do and don’t accept clothes-wise, which is really helpful. See below:

treasure house website

You of course have to set up an account and are awarded credit, depending on the items you send it. There are girls and boys sections for you to browse and choose clothes, using your credits and or/money.

TreasureHouse – What Were We Sent?

For the purpose of this piece, I will make it clear we were just sent some items to see what sort of clothes are available. I did not fully use the service.

Both my girls were sent two items as you can see below in the pictures. Getting them to stand still to pose was such a challenge when they were trying their lovely outfits.  They are both very serious too!

treasure house clothes

Our Thoughts

Although I did not full use the trade-in service, from browsing and having a look at the site, I think it is a really novel idea. It is a perfect way of trading in old clothes and doing your part for the environment by choosing pre-loved clothes for your children.

I’m not entirely sure how much you get back in credits for specific items but to me, I guess this isn’t too much of an issue. I would likely give me items to a charity shop and not expect anything in return. By using TreasureHouse, another child can use my child’s pre-loved clothes, especially if barely worn and I can choose some items, likely at a much cheaper cost. Perfect if you are wanting to save a little cash.

The items we were sent were not necessarily things I would have chosen for my girls, yet they are lovely. TreasureHouse may allow you to step out of your comfort zone and choose different items, as so many brands are brought together on one site.

Current Offer!

There is also a welcome offer with TreasureHouse, where they are offering a welcome offer of picking an item worth £15.

Disclosure – we were provided with this service free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.