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20 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update!

20 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update!

I’m finding it hard to believe I’m half way through the pregnancy; 20 weeks pregnant with baby number three. Part of this makes me feel a little sad, as it’s so hard to cherish it all when you are permanently on the go! Plus during the second trimester you do feel a little more normal, so I quite often forget! You can read my previous update here.

We had the scan yesterday and although all was fine with the baby, there is a issue that may affect my birth plans. I’m going to be that annoying person who mentions something and talks about this later on. I need to see my midwife and get my head around it and I will share what’s happening.

So onwards with the update.

How am I Feeling at 20 Weeks Pregnant?

Much, much better but the nausea does keep raising its ugly head now and then. I’m still finding after breakfast I can feel a little sicky and have a funny taste in my mouth and also if I get a bit tired in the evenings but it’s still much better!! Overall I’m not really achy or sore and my knees have been a lot better since doing some more strength exercises and stretching. Not perfect but not as bad!! I do have the odd days when I feel knackered at the end of the day and keep having to remind myself I’m pregnant.


I’m still trying to scale down what I eat, as I definitely don’t have the raging hunger of the first trimester anymore. It’s hard the get the balance though as the other morning I was starving at work and ran off to the shop for a protein bar! Other days I manage on my fruit snacks. I think it depends on how active I have been. I’m back eating normally and thankfully still enjoying my yoghurt and fruit and lots of massive salads.

food at 12 weeks pregnant


I had terrible pains in my ab muscles a few weeks back and knew it was from chest flies. You really don’t realise how much you work your abs doing weights and as mine are currently splitting in two, I’ve had to tone back the pulling weights. I’m now doing bike, cross trainer and stair master, some free weights and machines, plus leg exercises. I aim for the gym 3 times a week, plus walking where I can and trying to get 10,000 steps! So far so good but I’m wondering when the Braxton Hicks will start to kick in!!

My Body

I don’t feel too big but I don’t think you really are at the half way point. You just chug along. I’ve bought some Maternity clothes and feel comfy and happy. Finally sorted some comfy bras too. I’m feeling confident with my shape and embracing it for now at 20 weeks pregnant!

My Mood

Mentally I really feel this has been the hardest pregnancy, as I genuinely do feel scared about having a third baby. I’m very worried about managing work and three, plus my gremlin’s schoolwork, my house and a blog (which is basically now a second job!) I know I’ll be ok but it’s not a nice feeling, especially feeling more panicky than excited!! I’m lucky have a supportive family and I know I’ll get there.

Getting Organised

So far I’ve done nothing for the preparation for this little one!!! Hubby and I know we have to sort out all the baby clothes and we are meant be having a garage to office conversion but somehow I don’t think this will be done on time. I’ve done a bit of shopping and hoping for a good autumnal deep clean soon before the craziness of Christmas.

It’s mad having a third pregnancy with my two crazy girls. Time flies and it is definitely a lot harder than the previous two; less time to rest and chill. The excitement is growing though, especially when I start to feel some baby kicks!

See you at 24 weeks!!

20 weeks pregnant bump update