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Keeping Your Car Maintained and Safe

Keeping Your Car Maintained and Safe

We have just spent this weekend searching for a new car to fit three car seats in! We chose one and more to come on that soon, as hubby is hoping to write a post to help others choose when there is a third child on the way.

Looking at cars always makes me think about my current car, it’s power and ability, it’s reliability and most importantly it’s safety. For me, I use it most days for work and taking the children around. We are often out and about, visiting new places, as you can see and therefore keeping it maintained and safe is vital.

What To Check to Keep Your Car Safe

There are a good few things I always think about when looking after car and with a bit of advice and support from my hubby here are my main tips:

– Have a full service on your car every year a little before your MOT. I tend to get a full one annually. Interim services are less thorough and actually recommended every 6 months and if you drive a lot, so I find better to have a yearly full one due to my mileage. A full service will look at your tyres, breaks, suspension, clutch and hand break check if applicable and exhaust system, just to name a few things. Your oil will be changed too. There may be top ups of the brake fluid and antifreeze, inspection of the engine, wheel bearings and replacement of pollen filters and inspection of the air conditioning system are usually included too. All to put your mind at ease, that all is working well and safe with the car.

Often things may crop up before the MOT too, so if anything is wrong with your car, you are aware and have time to sort before the MOT. I think this is so important and there is a Professional car servicing in Northampton offered by Calmac tyres carried out by highly skilled and fully trained specialist technicians. Prices start at £70 and they are open 6 days a week. It’s also a 5 minutes drive from Northampton town centre, so nice and close. There is also a parent and child, friendly area with free tea and coffee, if you are waiting. Perfect if the little ones come along.

– Make sure if you buy a new car and will have three years until it’s first MOT, you remember this and get your car booked in. It is so important to ensure your car is safe and legal to be on the road. These should be done and passed annually, as could result in a fine, as well as potentially being very dangerous.

– Check your tyres. I often have to ask for help with this but it is important to check the pressure and their tread. I always have a good look, especially before winter. This year I was advised to invest in four new tyres which was costly but worth it to be safe. Also check you have a spare and a changing kit, if you happen to run into issues.

Cars need good maintenance and car and it is important you look after them for you and your family’s safety.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.