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Maternity Leave Plans – Third Time Around

I’m sat in the car writing this on the first of my last two days at work before my third maternity leave. I won’t lie. I’m pooped! Getting up at 6am, rolling my huge bump out of bed and driving, then scooting into work is taking its toll. I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant and I do feel people have the fear I’m going to drop at any point. I wanted to outline my maternity leave plans and have some idea of what I would like to do.

maternity leave plans

I was volunteering in reception Monday and the worried teacher told me her experience of childbirth was One Born Every Minute, so I must look huge!!! Basically please don’t have the baby on the reception floor carpet. I didn’t!

It feels very weird going off for such a long period of time. I only returned in Oct 2017 so been back for just over a year. I often feels this means you can never really sink your teeth into anything or feel fully committed, as is such a short time. I’ve freely admitted I’ve found work not the same since having my girls. It’s harder to be present always and with me blogging more, I don’t really want to work into the evenings.

Everyone is asking me if I’m excited and I am. It will be lovely to not have to set the alarm for 6am, leave early and not get back until after 6pm, which I do on one of my days. But I’m realistic enough to know what is coming. Labour! The fourth trimester and doing that with two crazy little girls, who really need me too. Little Piglet will be staying at nursery for three days a week and the gremlin is usually at school. This will give me some time with my little guy (well I’m hoping!).

Maternity Leave Plans

I’m hoping to have 4 weeks off before the little guy appears and then it will be routine time. This is what I am hoping to do on my days off prior to his arrival:

– Paperwork!! I have at least two big things to do that I have been putting off and I know they won’t take me long once I get cracking.

– Nest! I have already sorted out my drawers and am doing little odd jobs to de-clutter and sort. I just won’t want to be doing it after little guy’s arrival. I’ll be making the hubby sort the garage I think.

– Get the blog sorted. This may be write some posts ahead, having another look at my SEO and Pinterest and be a bit more present on social media. I definitely want to use Instagram like more of a journal and use my stories more. I’m hoping February picks up a little for work, as it has been a slowish start to the year.

– See friends and have some child-free time. It’s always nice to meet for lunch kid-free and enjoy some chats and hoping to see a few friends before the baby.

– Look into some baby groups for afterwards. I didn’t do this with Piglet really and we had a lot of chill time but I do want to perhaps make some friends and socialise a little, as many of my previous mates work now or are busy.

– Rest and I know this should be at the top of the list. I think I will try and watch something on Netflix and I have a few books I could read too. I need to hide my phone and laptop and just get absorbed and chill.

– Get my hair and nails done, as I know this will not be happening for a while!!!

I’m hoping I have that time and the little guy doesn’t come early. I know some people who hate the wait and are really bored but I have NEVER had this. I love the time to myself and the rest. It will be my last time (I hope!) and I’m hoping to enjoy every second.

My plans for my third maternity leave