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Trunki – Ride on Suitcase for Kids **REVIEW**

girl with Flossi the Flamingo Trunki

AD – I have always watched with fascination in the airport when I have seen kids pulled along on little suitcases. They always looked like they were having a great time, which is perfect, as it can get really tedious in the airport can’t it? I soon discovered Trunki and all the different designs on offer and when we were offered the chance to review the new Flossi the Flamingo Trunki, I was very keen for my youngest.

We are going away this year to Croatia (exciting)  and I know my girls  may go on little mini break to their family, needing a suitcase  My youngest hasn’t got her own plus I knew my girls would have loads of fun pulling each other around too!

Girls with Flossi the Flamingo

More About The Product

Trunki are hand luggage approved and perfect for keeping your kids entertained in the airport and I think generally!! They can be ridden on and are perfect for kids to pack all of their essentials! My girls love to play holidays and take great delight packing and unpacking their suitcase!

They are designed for kids aged 3 years and over and have an 18 litre capacity. What is reassuring is they are made of the same durable plastic as adult cases. They are very lightweight too and can endure a max weight of 50kg when someone sits for a ride. There is a comfy saddle, so kids can ride easily.

In addition, there is a tow strap with a key and easy carry handles for picking up the Trunki, when in a rush.

The new Flossi the Flamingo Trunki has horns for stability, so your kids can grab hold when riding. Included with Flossi are some stickers so the case can be personalised. Flossi currently retails at £39.99.

What I really like is there is a 5 year guarantee, as I would want this product to last!

Trunki don’t just product suitcases. They have a range of other products too, including reins, backpacks, an eating range and accessories.

Our Thoughts on Flossi the Flamingo Trunki

The girls LOVE their Trunki. My eldest has totally taken it over though it really belongs to her younger sister.

girl riding Flossi the Flamingo Trunki

They took great joy in decorating it with the stickers provided, as you can see below.

Flossi the Flamingo Trunki

Although the girls haven’t taken it away yet, it has taken a bit of a hammering at home. The girls love it and pack up their Trunki with various toys and pretend to go on holiday.  My youngest always ends up getting pulled around by my crazy eldest but for these pictures my eldest took over! I tend to hear a lot of screams of joy and fun as they play.

sisters playing with Flossi the Flamingo Trunki

I’m really impressed with how durable their Trunki is. With two crazy girls and their games, there have been a few crashes and it’s withstood all of this. The girls have figured how to open and close it and there is ample space inside it for all their essentials (basically a tonne of toys!!)

I liked how stickers were provided, as the girls enjoyed decorating.

girl opening Flossi the Flamingo Trunki

Flossi the Flamingo Trunki with toys in

Price -wise these products are £39.99 so not cheap but comparable to me buying a new hand luggage case, I paid £60, so for a good quality case, it’s not bad at all.

I think the Trunki will definitely last many trips and games, so you are paying for good quality.

Overall, I was very impressed. Trunki will be perfect for when my girls go away to stay with family, they love it for their games and if we go away will be perfect for entertainment in the airport.

I’d definitely consider if you have children who travel about, even if just to their grandparents for the night!

Would You Like to Win a Flossi the Flamingo?

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Good Luck!!

Disclosure – we were provided with this Trunki in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.




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